Plastic Surgery Lyrics YN Jay

​​​Plastic Surgery Lyrics YN Jay ft. Lil Pump

Plastic Surgery Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​Plastic Surgery Lyrics YN Jay ft. Lil Pump are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ​YN Jay. This Song will release on 7 July 2021.

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​​​Plastic Surgery Lyrics YN Jay
​​​Plastic Surgery Lyrics YN Jay

Song:– Plastic Surgery

Singer:– YN Jay

Featuring:– Lil Pump

Producer:– Enrgy Beats

Written:– YN Jay & Lil Pump

Plastic Surgery Lyrics YN Jay ft. Lil Pump

[Intro: YN Jay & Lil Pump]
(Enrgy made this one)
Ooh, Jet
Like how, you little bitch
I’m just tryna figure out, you know

[Verse 1: YN Jay & Lil Pump]
Bad bitch, but her breath stank, she need Colgate
How the fuck you got a crooked face, but your nose straight? (Ooh)
Left your brain splattered on the wall, looked like old paint
Damn, I think this bitch got plastic surgery, is your nose fake? (Ugh)

[Verse 2: Lil Pump]
The only place I ever took a bitch out was a Subway (Huh?)
Brand new Dior jacket from the runway (Ooh)
I learned how to cook crack at a young age (Whip)
She sellin’ pussy out of OnlyFans, fuck a Backpage (Damn)

[Verse 3: YN Jay & Lil Pump]
I just beat this bitch doonies down, made my back ache
Damn, I gotta drink a lil’ Wock to make me rap straight (Wocky)
I just pulled up with a ski mask with a black cape
Still be the realest nigga ever if I act fake

[Verse 4: Lil Pump]
Fuck it, I’ma go hit this bitch with my socks off (Fuck)
I had three bitches suckin’ dick up at Topgolf (Huh?)
Poured a 7 of Wockanda then I started noddin’ off (Wockanda)
I just bought an AR-15 at the Aloft (Bow-bow-bow)

[Verse 5: YN Jay]
Freak bitch give me good head, it was all top
Nigga, you ain’t finna use that gun, you a mall cop
Bitch suck dick so long, haa
Bitch suck dick so long, make her jaws lock

[Verse 6: Lil Pump]
I just poured a 7 in the 2, ’bout to fall out (Wow)
Walk in your baby mama house with my cock out
Brought a draco with a hundred round drum to the steakhouse (Brrt)
I be takin’ bitches to McDonalds, I don’t do dates now

[Verse 7: YN Jay & Lil Pump]
Tried to catch a play in the woods, make my call drop
All them freak bitches at the shows, I bring ’em all out
I just left the pit off the leash, let my dog out
I just paid my nigga Lucho bond, let my dawg out (Woah)

[Verse 8: Lil Pump]
I’ma beat my bitch ass if she talk to random people (Huh?)
MAC-10’s, F&N’s and Desert Eagle’s (Damn)
I think I got gonorrhea, doc bring a needle (Don’t tell ’em), huh?
Rockstar just like the fuckin’ Beetles (Yeah)

[Verse 9: YN Jay & Lil Pump]
Left my lil’ cousin at the crib, he be scammin’ people
Big gun, bitch go “Boom,” I be blammin’ people (Boom)
Bitch got some saggy ass titties, she got granny issues
Nigga got a little ass stick, that’s your granny pistol

[Verse 10: Lil Pump]
If you ain’t suckin’ dick, I might as well just dismiss you
Had the gang nut on her face and she just kissed you (Ugh)
Boogers on my neck, achoo, pass me a tissue (Achoo)
Pull up on your block, boom, bow, with a damn missile (Bow-bow-bow-bow)

[Verse 11: YN Jay]
Nigga, you ain’t got no gun, that’s your mans pistol
Nigga died in other people’s beef, that’s your mans issue
Hundred thousand, haa, fuck
Hundred thousand dollars in my pants, I got band issues
I just pulled up with a drumline, keep a band with you
AK-47 with the drum, I ain’t playin’ with you
I just wanna fuck you then I’m gone, I ain’t stayin’ with you
I don’t ever cuddle with no bitch, I ain’t layin’ with you

[Verse 12: Lil Pump]
No fat hoes allowed in my bedroom (No)
Janky ass nigga, I got like twenty-two face tattoos
You could fuck the homie, on God, I ain’t mad at you (Yeah)
My grandma eighty-five and she still is a prostitute (Yeah)
I had three hoes suckin’ my dick in a dog cage
You ever bought a Glock .45 in a Barclays? (Bow)
Had my bitch fuckin’ bitches, she go both ways (Both ways)
Send her home in a Greyhound, fuck an airplane (Nyoom)

[Outro: Lil Pump]
Send that bitch home in a fuckin’ Greyhound, fuck an airplane

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