32 Bars Song Lyrics

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32 Bars Lyrics SleazyWorld Go
32 Bars Lyrics SleazyWorld Go

Song:– 32 Bars
Singer:– SleazyWorld Go
Producer:– K6WYA, Trenchwerk, Audiovista & Luxury (Composer)
Written:– SleazyWorld Go & Evan Huang
Label:– SleazyWorld Go & Island Records

32 Bars Lyrics SleazyWorld Go

(Ooh, Switches the label)
Come on

Chase a nigga down with this bitch, make him use his feet (Get on)
And the choppa made for grindin’, shit up when it’s beef (Come on)
I hate when niggas bring it to the internet, that shit for police (Ol’ police ass)
In the field niggas get smacked on, put on your cleats, nigga (Cleats)
I don’t know who you niggas be talking ’bout, but it can’t be me, nigga (Can’t be me)
They want smoke with us? Bet, just like B-E-T, nigga (B-E-T)
Glock send niggas to the moon like it’s E.T., nigga (Huh?)
Switch turned him into a dinner like a TV, nigga (Come on)
I been tryna stay out the mix but niggas been on my dick (On my dick, nigga)
I got too much fuckin’ pay for mе not to carry a stick (Too much pay)
All them niggas over therе pussy and be scary as shit (Niggas pussy)
And the hand trigger on this bitch get fingered like a clit
I can’t cap, uh, this shit all facts, uh (All facts)
Back to back niggas been gettin’ their ass smacked, uh, been gettin’ their ass whooped
He ain’t dropped the soap, but he got his ass took (Stupid)
Shots fold a nigga up like a MacBook (Baow)
I can’t entertain no nigga I don’t know (Know)
Treat a nigga like a cigar when, we caught him he got smoked (He got smoked)
Make a bitch get on her knee, she pray to me like a pope (Come on)
This bitch said I made her bleed, that shit blew me like a Loc (Get it?)
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh, run Forrest run (Run Forrest)
He a shooter but when he got caught he ain’t have his gun (Caught him)
Niggas die for dissin’ me, power of the tongue (Stupid)
Treat the clips like Popeyes, we need all drums (Get on it)
What you say? What you said you gon’ do? (Huh?)
When you see me, Drake kick when this bitch shoot like kung-fu (For real)
Drake kick when this bitch hit, mush mouth how this bitch spit
Hit a nigga all in his shit, he got dropped off like a Lyft
Uh-uh, uh-uh, I’m back on that bullshit (For real)
Blackout shoot a hundred, this bitch come with a cool kit (Cool)
Fuck you got that gun for? You don’t know what to do with it (Know what to do with it)
Soon as we catch a body with one of these, we through with it

(K6, it be hard)
(Ooh, that’s that Grease)

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