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9 Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​​9 Lyrics SAULT are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ​SAULT. This song is from NINE album. This Song will release on 25 June 2021.

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​​​​​9 Lyrics SAULT
​​​​​9 Lyrics SAULT

Song:– 9

Singer:– SAULT

Album:– NINE

Producer:– SAULT

Written:– SAULT

9 Lyrics SAULT

[Verse 1: Cleo Sol]
You can’t make it out but you gotta lead
Wipe your tears, wipe your blood
From your sleeves
Your father lived in the dark, so you won’t see
A broken mad spirit has no warranty
One day, you’ll make it
One day, you’ll be free
Before you lose yourself
Don’t forget to dream

[Verse 2: Cleo Sol]
For first time, I’m so high, your future is gold
Higher, I am going high up
To new falls, a good chance, yeah
And you go, and you go, and you go, go as you go
And I know, and I know, and I know
I know when I played your game
I got you when they’ll, we’ll all see your heart
The rough can scare people
And I am made of love

[Instrumental Break]

[Refrain: Cleo Sol]
The rough can scare people
And I am made of love

[Bridge: Cleo Sol]
Let your light in, light you give
You are perfect, love is dear
Trust the feeling in your soul
Be the way to your miracle
Miracle, miracle, miracle

[Refrain: Cleo Sol]
And I am made of love
And I am made of love

[Instrumental Break]

[Outro: Sault]
Growin’ up in East London, uh it was never about, like, the whole “gang” stuff
The whole “gang culture”
It was more of, like, just a collection of friends
This is gonna be, like, very cliché, innit? It’s what everyone says, but
You were just with your mates, and you just kinda hung around, um, your friends, like
Whether it be your, you know, who lived on your road, lived in the same flats as you
Could just be you mates who went to the same youth clubs, just from the same general area
So, you know, that was, that was how we kinda got grouped
Ah, the names and the crew names and stuff like that came from more
You know, sometimes, some of it was actually, you’re, you’re proud, a little bit
The area’s got reputation, and, you know, you’d say you’re from there, or whatever, or
You know, you’d say you were from this part because you were literally from that part
But even, yo, ‘member, this was like, you know before, you know, mobile phones
This is old school, youth, youth club days
Where, you know, you literally had to go and see your mates
You’d go and travel to find them
So, you know, clearly you’re gonna describe your mates from, like the area, like
“Oh where you’re going, I’m gonna see such and such from well, we’ll see them lot from over there”
Literally, so you know, ‘stead of you know, I don’t know
Um, “Mark, Darren and Dean,” it’d be, um, “them lot from over there”
And then you know, sometimes things happen, you know
An argument or you know, sometimes it’s just thrown on you
You know, the names are given to you because you’re just from the area
And people say, “Yeah, just those guys”, and then, you know, you just end up
It just becomes easier to describe yourself as what people already say that you are, I suppose
A lot of the, the segregation was supposed

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