After it All Lyrics Rod Wave

After it All Song Lyrics

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After it All Lyrics Rod Wave
After it All Lyrics Rod Wave

Song:– After it All
Singer:– Rod Wave
Producer:– Rod Wave
Written:– Rod Wave

After it All Lyrics Rod Wave

Oh, Lights in the studio shine no more yeah oh
[damn Kanye you crazy]

Lord uh Okay I told ain’t no stopping me, We moving fast and faster, Ion want no rap beef cause we kill all of you bastards, Waiting patient for my turn made me and matter and matter
And now I’m bad for disaster yeah okay
At all the hate that I received and I’m still grinding
Look at all that dirt you threw on me and I’m still shining
Young holding on to that cutter wonder will we really shoot
You can’t make it out that Gutter boy l’m living
Okay I headed to the top uh uh
I ain’t going to play
Tell these of old rap niggas get the fuck out the way
And motherfuck them niggas and they undercovеr beef
You can have the industry, I got the kеy to the streets
Okay 50,000 fans that’s 900 bands
All it took was grinding pain, I took it and ran
Beat the game up up up got it on the road
Took the knife from out my back and cut they fucking throat

Cause this story ends mines just begin
They didn’t want us to win
And now we back for revenge and Oh
After it all I’ll be alright and oh ohhhhhh
After it all I’ll be alright

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