All Day Breakfast Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead

All Day Breakfast Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​All Day Breakfast Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead ft. Homeboy Sandman are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Aesop Rock & Blockhead. This song is from Garbology album. This song will release on 12 November 2021.

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Song:– All Day Breakfast

Singer:– Aesop Rock & Blockhead

Featuring:– Homeboy Sandman

Album:– Garbology

Producer:– Blockhead

Written:– Homeboy Sandman, Aesop Rock & Blockhead

All Day Breakfast Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead ft. Homeboy Sandman

[Intro: Aesop Rock]
Sports and leisure

[Verse 1: Aesop Rock]
Important people take a mold of my footprint
It doesn’t match a single fauna track in your bookends
I fashion me a hoodie from the head of a bushpig
Push the red button, I am back on my bullshit
Whether back row, throwing Sno-Caps at the pulpit
Or backyard bat into the black of the solstice
Pulls rabbits out a hat and turns brats into sculptures
Magi, mags to the roadwork
Ghost world P.M., he a surgeon with the echo
Blindfolded, float around the Petco, perfecto
I’m sending out an S.O.S. and training for the longest night
Or any situation where invaders may have clawed his eyes
Out, T-rex tooth necklace
Smells like Biofreeze and all-day breakfast
Bass Pro base layer, pacemaker, cell phone, med kit
See you assholes in the tempest
Raised on 1010 WINS, on the ones every ten mins
Big League Chew and stupid pet tricks
Now I’m green vines up red brick
Climb ’til he pluck a supergiant out of Pegasus
Blow the house down easy peasy
It’s the deacon of disaster pulling reefer out his beanie
Handwriting born of regional graffiti
Disobedient thereafter, kid it’s veni, vidi, vici, yeah

[Verse 2: Homeboy Sandman]
Handwriting born of UFO sighting
I ain’t down with jackin’ styles, I’m jackin’ clouds for silver linings
Listen, fams, to my advantage, been abandoned law abiding
I’m the baddest, I don’t panic when the planets are colliding
Fresh start for the convict
No cost, come and get dipped in the solvent
Fabric of my tailor-made garment
Torn sail, third rail, tail of a comet
Me and my counterpart
Come to put it down over the counter at your local mart
Take your pound of flesh, but keep from anything around the heart
‘Fore I go kaput, I stomp a foot and split the ground apart
There is only one degree of certainty
You won’t find me training using anything with circuitry
Far as Earth and outer space, I done a courtesy
And cased the whole place just in case of emergency
Don’t ask me why I’m actin’ rougher, yo
I am not the one that killed the buffalo
Based on only optics, I could pop in and approximate a tub to soak
Based on only oxygen, I’m known to blow a cloud of smoke
I just rode in town a couple hours ago
Not too many and already, I done found the glow
Swam the fountain, vlimbed the holy mountain, spent the pot of gold
And would have kept it low-key, but the homie asked me, “How’d it go?”

[Outro: Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman]
All-day breakfast
All-day breakfast
All-day breakfast
All-day breakfast
All-day breakfast
All-day breakfast
All-day breakfast
All-day breakfast

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