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All Good Song Lyrics

Description:- All Good Lyrics Jordan Solomon are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ​Jordan Solomon. This Song will release on 5 March 2021.

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All Good Lyrics Jordan Solomon
All Good Lyrics Jordan Solomon

Song:– All Good

Singer:– Jordan Solomon

Producer:– Sahara

Written:– Jordan Solomon

All Good Lyrics Jordan Solomon

I feel closed off I don’t even check my phone or reply to texts no more
I just wanna know when life started moving quick I just want it slow mo
I talked to God bout you and the sad thing is he just told me to move on
I swear sometimes when we drinking and mixing yeah I be too gone

And every memory of you is a highlight I know that it’s stuck on a replay
I got a crib out here but I swear to god I’m living in my own head these days

Maybe I just take a step back
Writing this a thousand miles away see you when I get back
We going be all good
Wе going be all good

But God still good when we jump off thе plane hit West Hollywood pulling off of Genesee
I stopped working last year take the handcuffs off set me free
Back in touch with myself and I swear to God I wanna be a better me
I was such a kid when I met you I’m looking here from 23

But it’s all good
We going be all good – Yeah

Don’t regret a day of my life or a thing that I did cause it all taught me something
I remember days sitting down back then had nothing
I’m just starting out
I feel so in touch with myself
Relationships I had that i put on the shelf
Stories of my life I just wanna tell
Emotions that I write down that I sell
And look I know that online is fiction
I know what we need if we ever wanna fix things
Talking bout my feelings cause I’m sick of having friction
Looking at myself damn I just had to admit things

But it’s all good
It’s all good
Even when it’s too much yeah I’m still looking up
Cause I know we going be all good
We going be all good

And I’m still tryna hit it straight
Everyday I wake up think life could have gone a different way
And I don’t run from the pain even when it feel strange I know they just wanna test me
I feel misunderstood I see life differently maybe ain’t nobody gets me
Just finding my stride I ain’t even broke a sweat B
Million dollar minutes can somebody bring the check please?
No comparison to you cause I’m paving my own path
Unapologetic i don’t ever wanna hold back
My enemies I love em I just pray to god they know that
We don’t ever talk we just stuck inside a Kodak
I’ll hold back

And I’m still young and I’m learning
Flame got lit I just wanna keep it burning
World upside down how we keep it turning?
Kids out here wonder if they even worth it
Is it cause the internet made everybody worthless?
Money come quick I’m just tryna find my purpose
Hotel pad I’m just writing this in cursive

We need unity not separation
We need less tearing down and more celebrating
We need more love for this whole generation – Yeah
And you might feel the same
But I don’t run from the pain

Cause I know I’m going be all good
Cause I know you going be all good
We going be all good

I know you going be all good
We going be all good – Yeah

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