Aquafina Lyrics Juice WRLD

Aquafina Lyrics Juice WRLD | 2020 Song

Aquafina Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Aquafina Lyrics Juice WRLD are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Juice WRLD.  This Song will release on 2020.

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Aquafina Lyrics Juice WRLD
Aquafina Lyrics Juice WRLD

Song:– Aquafina

Singer:– Juice WRLD

Producer:– DJ Relentt

Written:– Juice WRLD

Aquafina Lyrics Juice WRLD

[Verse 1]
When that camera on, it’s a hard porn
Fuck her hardcore, she my pornstar
Off the percocets, took it too far
Perky’s, I love the perky’s
I don’t save these hoes, leave that for churches
Pull up on the scene, I’ma murk it
He say I seem scary, I’m scary in person

I’m in the cut with a nina
Wet him up, wet him up, Aquafina
I got my hand on my heater
She do white like Justin Bieber
Bitch, I be hot like a fever
.40 on me and that [?]
Um, um ah, ah

[Verse 2]
I don’t need her
I’ma fuck, I’ma fuck one time, then I’ma keep her
After that, you won’t know her name, that bitch a secret
Hit it from the back, man, Jesus
Numbing on my Jesus pieces
And it’s sweet like Reeses’ Pieces
You don’t want it, my nigga catch a body, yeah
I can’t feel my tongue, shorty, I’m off the moll’, yeah
Moll’, yeah
I still see the snakes, nigga, run inside, yeah
I still see the fakes, nigga
Say you real, you ain’t, nigga
Run up on me, I bang, nigga
I’ma sh-

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