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Berlin Song Lyrics

Description:- Berlin Lyrics SL are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer SL.  It is released on September 1, 2022.

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Berlin Lyrics SL
Berlin Lyrics SL

Song:– Berlin

Singer:– SL

Producer:– Okan Toktamis, Matthias Ringleb & Maximilian Mersin Mayer

Written:– SL

Berlin Lyrics SL

I’m sure
And she told me she love me, I know that she love me, we go from the bed to the floor
But I’m actin’ all funny and stuff and she know it like say we ain’t—
Look, yeah, look, listen

Cah bae, she the best
A hundred or more on the meter, I’m sure
When she tell me she love me, I know that she love me, we go from the bed to the floor
But I’m actin’ all funny and stuff and shе know it like say we ain’t been herе before
Certain times, it be drivin’ me mad, think I’m better at bein’ a whore
If it’s on then I’m swingin’ my ching, couldn’t tell you a time I relied on the law
Fuck the truth, only lies that I saw
No legit, strictly crime I was in
More I make, I’ll give back to the kids
If you’re real from the start then we’re sharin’ the win
Never lower your head from a miss, if you ain’t get it right then you double your shift
Time it come and it goes
We were the closest of kids way before all the fuckery showed
But maybe that’s it
You’re born and you live and then you die when you’re old
With nothin’ to give
I promise I’m leavin’ with somethin’ to show
Look, yeah
If I’m blowin’ on smelly, I’m blowin’ it strong, true that plug was a bitch but he gone
Why this cat movin’ edgy? I know what he’s on
Double back and send Mayhem and Probz
Said I’m there in a minute, I’m sorry I’m long
Been a while since I been on my job
If she tell me me she want it, I’ll give her the lot
Love the way how she angle the gob
If I’m back to the block then I’m back to block
Fuck it, nigga, I’m back to the block
If it’s heavy on one then I’m pickin’ up two if it’s lowers the price then it’s all prof’
Where’s the honey? I come for the lot
Just gave seven to Sim, told him, “Play with the stocks”
And I still got some left for the squad, gave a rack to the killys to play with the opps
What you doing? I’m doing my job
Get her off, I don’t know what she on
I tell Yucky to blow it (Phew, phew)
He leavin’ a whole in a fob
Thinking back I was gradually lost
Money boy, where your salary gone?
Need them never garn see me agains, I’m tired of all of these marry me thots
Look at the mess, stuck on the fence
Girl, you’re the one, ain’t no need to pretend
If you’re there from the start then you’re there ’til the end
Let’s make it work, give a fuck ’bout your friends
Way that you a freak, stuck on repeat
Still got my tool when I step on the street
If they playin’ it funny then funny it be
Calm, see what I make in a week
Come from a city with hunger and greed
And needs like, “Please, just leave me be”
Packin’ my back while I head for the sea
Over and out when I finish my siege
Stress on a pile, give me my weed
Mad how they talk on this wonderful tree
I got into this music ‘cah music is me
Follow my script and you’ll see what I mean

Yeah, run it back, let me hear that one

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