Built Different (Freestyle) Lyrics Sik World

Built Different (Freestyle) Lyrics Sik World

Built Different (Freestyle) Song Lyrics

Description:- Built Different (Freestyle) Lyrics Sik World are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Sik World. This song will release on 12 August 2022.

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Built Different (Freestyle) Lyrics Sik World
Built Different (Freestyle) Lyrics Sik World

Song:– Built Different (Freestyle)

Singer:– Sik World

Written:– Sik World

Built Different (Freestyle) Lyrics Sik World

I wanna drive the whip that keeps em staring in
It’s 2022 and clout is the new heroine
Embarrassing, this industry’s full of these imposters
And I will slap your face but this ain’t the oscars
My level up is infinite
We’re not the same, i’m different
You took your shot & hit the rim
And you rebound but missed again
Yo put the ball down
You won’t hit a bucket
And you let your team hang
Like dj khaled’s stomach
You’re unknown, if you die they ain’t gon’ notice nothing
But when i die they gon’ cry, like i’m eddie munson
There’s somе stranger things in my dm’s that’s worth discussion
Like your wife mеssaging me to be her husband
She’s bugging, but she’s falls in to lust
She’s like my ps5, i turn her on with a touch
Yuh, yuh, recognize a young king
Those who judge what i’ve done ain’t ever a done a thing, woah
You talk to much, but do so little
You act complex, but think to simple
Don’t act fixed when your spirits crippled
Sit with that for a second haha
I dropped the song grateful, because i’m hella grateful
We’re all eating over here that’s why i got a plate full
Adversity is just a lesson, that is tryna shape you
Spirit in the mist the darkness is what’s gunna save you
I “made you look”, this isn’t nas i got you tripping
I stay running towards my goal, i don’t mind the distance
I’m independent and winning, mail box money i’m getting
I get the cash then disappear b*tch i’m the dark magician
That’s a yu-gi-oh reference
I am rich now, i don’t ever eat no bullsh*t for breakfast
I want steak and some eggs
Morning sex got her shaking her legs
You a b*tch , that makes your girlfriend a les
B*tch you know i’m the best
You wouldn’t say it, but it’s okay
You hating on me doesn’t effect me, i’m so paid
Those who talk about me
Would kill just to be around me
That’s the funny thing about this rap sh*t
Y’all are so lame, look
My following counts low because i don’t f*ck with you
You’re a bitter hater, that’s fine let’s see what it does for you
This game is full a young thugs clones, god there’s a bunch of you
Packaged labeled bullsh*t ass artist, what’s music coming to
Yo sh*t is funny, you ain’t getting money
You rent all your cars, all your fans are dummy’s
Somethings gotta give – you are not a star
You just post pics with them to look bigger then you are
Seeing thru you isn’t really hard
I ain’t feeling y’all, yeah that’s something i don’t usually do
I swim in my yard, don’t do no community pools
Who woulda knew i woulda end up with the baddest broads
I got her so wet, our bed look like niagra falls
Yo i’m my own team
I’m controlling
If i sold my masters i’d OD
Labels can’t own me
Y’all are trolling
Tryna sign me to a deal
Every 100K you pay me
You walk away with mill
Hell nah

That ain’t gunna work

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