Come Outside Song Lyrics

Description:- Come Outside Lyrics Icewear Vezzo ft. YTB Fatt are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Icewear Vezzo. This song is from Live From The 6 album. This song will release on September 21, 2023.

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Come Outside Lyrics Icewear Vezzo
Come Outside Lyrics Icewear Vezzo

Song:– Come Outside
Singer:– Icewear Vezzo
Featuring:– YTB Fatt
Album:– Live From The 6
Producer:– Yarri Beats
Written:– Icewear Vezzo, YTB Fatt & Yarri Beats
Label:– Quality Control

Come Outside Lyrics Icewear Vezzo ft. YTB Fatt

Huh (Yeah, you know we be on that, we be on that)
Around so many pints, nigga, this shit goin’ home nigga
This shit larger than life, nigga

[Verse 1: YTB Fatt]
Pull up Hellcat or black truck, couldn’t make my mind up
Nigga pulled up on the scene, it’s like
I couldn’t tell you what I pulled in, right
I can tell you how I pulled up
Chain swanging, pants sagging, nigga, pistol poking it out
Butterfly doors when I open the car, it was smoke bursting out (Nigga)
I just got some gas, I’m mixin’ pints from the pint God
Whole time thinking he high, he Karo’d out, nigga (Woo!)
Putting a nigga my age beside me, let’s see who pop it harder
Got my game from pimps, when it come to hoes, I knock ‘em harder, nigga
Niggas telling me, “Chill, Fatt, you just a starter”
But I ain’t know it was them white folks cuttin’ a check, I can show two M’s or larger
You say the biggest gangsta, I don’t wanna hear it
I can show you how to make a hundred in a week, come get near me
He ain’t died about this shit, get him from near me
Every nigga ready to shhh if they hear me

[Chorus: Icewear Vezzo]
Come outside
Don’t come outside
Don’t come outside
Them niggas dying (Hold on)

[Verse 2: Icewear Vezzo]
Don’t give a fuck how niggas coming, we gone stand on it
Bust a bricky down in chunks and put my hands on it
Five hundred racks and change the watch, that’s half a man on it
Walk a nigga down, he tried to run, I had FN on me
26s, Forgiat’s, it make the Wraith talk
Drop some dog shit on your top, them niggas’ pape’ small
Fetty Wap, this shit so pure, can’t even take dog
I just bought a pint of Wock’ for clean, this ’bout a eight ball
Got niggas askin’ is it love ’cause I got bro with me
Them niggas ain’t gon’ clap for shit, just like they show empty
A sloppy roll with 5’s and 10’s, this like 450
Taking a nigga chain while he performing, do a show in it
I’ve been trappin’ on the Six since we had Reggie ‘bows
Got 50 on me in all 100’s, this all Fetty pros
High off colors in my neck, it’s all spaghettis on
Hate a pussy that be telling and hate petty hoes, nigga

[Chorus: Icewear Vezzo]
Come outside
Don’t come outside
Don’t come outside
Them niggas dying

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