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Delicate Song Lyrics

Description:- ‎Delicate Lyrics MIKE are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer MIKE. This song is from weight of the world album. This Song will release on 21 June 2020.

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Delicate Lyrics MIKE
Delicate Lyrics MIKE

Song:– Delicate

Singer:– MIKE

Album:– weight of the world

Producer:– dj blackpower

Written:– MiKe

Delicate Lyrics MIKE

Yeah, the puddle was growin’ bigger, was touchin’ my toes
My struggle was dope, the image was underexposed
Had to come back on these feelings to come for your soul
Like all the angst for every minute I wasn’t alone
I’m on this planet for a mission, they buzzin’ me home
So I can’t panic when this grimace is somethin’ we owed
Yeah, grab it ’cause the glitter is tougher than gold
I really jacked the other system and nothing the most
We used to freeze up in the winter, the summers, we rose
From nights we used to sleep through dinner and others we toked
The times we used to keepin’ with us and others remote
The writing proved that I was bitter and numb in the coat
The stride it took to even pick up a number I know
Had my mind in that abyss, I was fuckin’ with goat
You talk the grind until your kids, put your trust in the host
They try to bribe us with the myth that we lucky we close
It wasn’t likely to begin, you be frontin’ for sure

The world’s best ever
Give out the good word
Do us this favor
Build us a free world
Free from oppression, right
Let’s, let’s start from beginning
One, two, three, go

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