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Demons Lyrics Deante’ Hitchcock | BETTER (Deluxe)

Demons Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Demons Lyrics Deante’ Hitchcock are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Deante’ Hitchcock. This song is from BETTER (Deluxe) album. This Song will release on 28 October 2020.

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Demons Lyrics Deante’ Hitchcock
Demons Lyrics Deante’ Hitchcock

Song:– Demons

Singer:– Deante’ Hitchcock

Album:– BETTER (Deluxe)

Producer:– Brandon Phillips-Taylor

Written:– Deante’ Hitchcock

Demons Lyrics Deante’ Hitchcock

Devil on my left shoulder, angels sit on my right
When as I write my rights and wrongs
Praying that one day when this life come to an end
That all my sins wash away and I start fresh
I can look God in the eyes when I tell Him I tried my best and I mean it
Just like the phoenix, I rose from out of the cement
But the genius still a slave, even in the Garden of Eden
They hired the apples and peaches and preach that lime is the sweetest
Now which one is you eating?

Started on the West side
Two weeks old in the Southwest zone
Came home with the devil on my left side
God on my right
It was hard seeing light in the dark
But I did, so impressed my
Mind didn’t break under all this weight, mm
Put it on my faith, after all this struggle, would’ve been that great
Well, nigga, I’m thankful, why?
It could’ve been worse, shawty
Could’ve been locked up
Really could’ve been in that dirt, shawty
I done been in a Maybach, but I could’ve easily been in that hearse
‘Stead of spitting this verse on my debut album
So I give a fuck what you think that it’s worth
Always had a sense that I’d be the shit even as a jit and ain’t shit changed
Way back, back when Kwaze and Auntie Claudine was staying off of Biscayne
Way back when all I wanted to focus on was making sure I passed sixth grade
While the dope man was right next door
Running the brick house, word to Rick James
At any given time, I could’ve switched lanes
Young niggas on the road to riches, never shown forgiveness
I was carrying around so much weight that that shit had my shoulder twitchin’
Swear to God, not the cocaine, but man, at thirteen was seein’ things not even Jehovah witnessed
Dawg, but through it all, still stuck together like codefendants
Some niggas ain’t have no defenses from the outside and I feel for ’em
Some niggas I grew up with caught a shot, died, so I live for ’em
Some niggas I’d die for, don’t get it twisted, though, ’cause I’d kill for ’em
How we started out from the bottom, made it to the top, my nigga, and we still going
Praise God, hallelujah, kama sutra, spread love
But I’m kinda used to not getting love back
But who’s to say if I would’ve got it sooner
I would’ve dreamed like Martin Luther?
I had to walk on my own path
I had to get off my own ass
Came a long way from them car raps
‘Bout a year ago, this shit was all bad, but I made it

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Bro, what the fuck, bro?
Come on, bro, you gon’ change my shit, bro
Come on, don’t do that, bro
Man, shut the fuck up, nigga
Ain’t nobody tryna hear all that extra-deep shit no ways
Goddamn, man, put my shit on, bruh
That nigga was spitting bars

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