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Untitled Lyrics JPEGMAFIA

Dikembe! Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Dikembe Lyrics JPEGMAFIA are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer JPEGMAFIA. This song is from LP! (OFFLINE) album. This song will release on 22 October 2021.

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Dikembe Lyrics JPEGMAFIA
Dikembe Lyrics JPEGMAFIA

Song:– Dikembe!


Album:– LP! (OFFLINE)

Producer:– JPEGMAFIA


Label:– EQT Recordings

Dikembe Lyrics JPEGMAFIA

[Intro: Maria Toledo]
Então você vai ver
Você vai ver e vai voltar
Então você vai ver
Você vai ver e vai voltar

[Verse 1]
Uh, these lil burnt out [?] rappers, huh (Uh)
These millions and views, not Kappa, huh (Uh)
In Tims, the high street price can’t stop me (Stop me)
Show me that face, girl, take off the boxy (Take off the boxy)
I pray that your ears grow up, (Grow up) and I wish you the best in your hobbies
(Huh, huh, huh, huh)
How the fuck you this way? Now you switched up and I don’t believe it (Don’t believe it)
One hand in the air, feelin’ like Dikembe when I block the demons (Block thе demons)
Don’t play with a stick, don’t matter wherе when (When) I just can’t stop the bleeding, yeah (Nah)

I was struggling, babe (Struggling)
Not with the money and not with the fame (Fame)
All of my bitches they control me with shame
Take down the opp, look at the hate (Hate)
Blood, sweat, tears, working in vein (Vein)
Seven pounds, everything ’bout to pull me I shade (Shade)
Where there’s dick, there’s pussy, there’s profit (What else?)
These are the choices that you gotta make (Wait, wait)

[Verse 2]
Wait, (Wait), wait, (Wait), wait
How could you hate?
Beating up barriers, fucking up opps (Ay)
Y’all can’t see, big Peggy, no mars (Ay)
Beats on deck, no help, no mods
Ya know I look up to these stars
Sike, I’m on the ground with the Gods
I act like a dick ’cause they treat me like top (Hah)
I don’t hear none of you, I’m in front of you (Woah)
My lyrics trouble you, think I’m fronting you (Go on)
How did I get that? You the one who stomping the opp out (Bloaw)
I just tryna do anything it takes to make it exist
Musical risk, we upping the switch
Brrt! Brrt! (Hah)
Next time you sub, remember the cli—

[Outro: Maria Toledo]
Então você vai ver
Você vai ver e vai voltar
Então você vai ver
Você vai ver e vai voltar

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