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Russ - CHOMP 2 Album Lyrics

Enjoy the View Song Lyrics

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Enjoy the View Lyrics Russ
Enjoy the View Lyrics Russ

Song:– Enjoy the View

Singer:– Russ & Mozzy

Album:– CHOMP 2

Producer:– Bink!

Written:– Russ & Mozzy

Enjoy the View Lyrics Russ & Mozzy

[Intro: Russ]
My voice a lil’ raspy but
It’s all good, let’s get it (Bink!)

[Verse 1: Russ]
‘Kay, I’m up ’til noon, strategizin’ and overthinkin’
Dancin’ with my doubt, agitated, I know the rhythm
I know I’m trippin’ ’cause I’m not trippin’
This is not the last dance, this is bullshit, I’m not Scott Pippen
I’m that kid from Carolina
Then I moved to North Atlanta, where I planned to verify my
Visions, of me, sittin’, lovely
Bitches, love me, rich and, comfy
When I say, “Rich”, I mean quality of my soul
I got it, solid, like the quality of my gold
Grabba leaf gettin’ rolled, delusions my second home
Fuck a metronome, dancin’ in La-La Land, Emma Stone
I set the tone for DIY, Jim Jones, we fly high
Ballin’ when I’m fallin’ though, my fake nose could my eyes
I see my prize in the present moment (Present moment)
But my ambition rarely lets me hold it
Ain’t sense emotion, I can’t help it, well I probably can
Am I a man that younger me would love? I probably am
I got these hands, elbows and knees, legs and my feet
Training three days a week for rappers who think it’s sweet
You’ll get beat, fuck the drama, knock a thespian out cold
Plus it’s always straps around like lesbian households
Gotta get out the house more, it’s love in real life
Couped up for too long, forget what the fuck it feels like
I feel like it’s all waves, just gotta maintain perspective
When you’re up, appreciate in the game can change in seconds
That goes for when you’re down too, so relax, these tracks
Are guides to find your treasure, these ain’t songs, dawg, these maps
Be fast, so you just join the scenery, slick that
Drive slow, just enjoy the scenery instead (Shit, real shit)

[Chorus: Russ]
I’ve been goin’ hard lately
I’ve been seein’ stars lately
But I’m holdin’ on (Holdin’ on)
Yeah I’m holdin’ on
At least I’m holdin’ on, at least I’m goin’ strong
Ain’t no other choice I’ve got
Just enjoy the view
Tryna just enjoy the view

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
Watch how they tweak off the watches-es out the faucet
Grown men supposed to be manly but ridin’ sausage
Paper chasin’, swollen ankles, I’m exhausted
Like busy streets, they never sleep, you shouldn’t have crossed us
Off-White, locked four fevers, we call it Slauson
Everything red to the socks like we in Boston
Caution, I’m one of the illest, I’m feelin’ nauseous
Calculate the earnings, how we lost it on this dog shit?
The circle are slimey and we all bosses
Racially profiled in the ‘Ghini like I ain’t bought it
Don’t hit my line about your deck ’cause I ain’t got it like
I ain’t got the patience to sit at a city college, yeah
Relationship with the trenches is very toxic
They told me let it go but that ain’t logic, nah, that’s nonsense
I feel like I’m adopted, I was raised by ’em
Many principles that supplied, I was saved by ’em
When Boog’ got shot, I never left his side, I stayed by him
Starin’ out the window like livin’ ain’t all that simple, yeah
Smile now, cry later, you see the dimples
Positions I fulfilled for the people makes me official
And I can’t help but feel for the people locked in them kennels
High rise views from a cell, it fuck your mental
This white zombie I’m smokin’ F’d up the rental
Ain’t discussed much with Russ, said, “Send me the instrumental”
Let me bite down, no better time than right now
Pressure bussin’ pipes, when I take flight, I bet they pipe down
It’s legends that’s still livin’ but their catalog has died out
Ain’t no disrespect with much respect, it’s time to sign out
Fourth quarter, no time out, ‘member I ain’t make the tryouts
Independent route, it ain’t no deal I had to buy out
All the opposition’s hidin’ out, yeah
Ayy, let this motherfucker ride out, yeah

[Chorus: Russ]
I’ve been goin’ hard lately
I’ve been seein’ stars lately
But I’m holdin’ on (Holdin’ on)
Yeah I’m holdin’ on
At least I’m holdin’ on, at least I’m goin’ strong
Ain’t no other choice I’ve got
Just enjoy the view
Tryna just enjoy the view

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