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Feet’s Song Lyrics

Description:- Feet’s Lyrics Whiskey Myers are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Whiskey Myers. This song is from Tornillo album. This song will release on 29 July 2022.

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Song:– Feet’s

Singer:– Whiskey Myers

Album:– Tornillo

Producer:– Whiskey Myers

Written:– Cody Cannon

Feet’s Lyrics Whiskey Myers

There’s a long stretch of highway been calling out my name
You know I’ve got to keep these big wheels rolling
I’ve gots to fan the flame
Been on the road since I was young moving at 110
Cause you don’t know where you’re going till you know where you been
I done been around the world I ain’t afraid of dying
I keep my feets on the ground and my eyes on the horizon
Gotta keep on working
Just trying to be a star
Y’all know where I come from because I done told y’all from the start
And I’m for them lost souls the ones who don’t fit in
I’m for that old time country
I’m for the blue collar man
But I ain’t much on radio tunes I like smoke stack lightnin’
I keep my feets on the ground and my еyes on the horizon

Wherе I’m gonna go the good lord only knows
I keep drifting around where the wind may blow
I was born to get heavy
Born to get loud
I was born to keep rolling you know I can’t slow down
Gotta keep on moving
Chasing down a dream
You know I’ve come a mighty long way for a ole country boy like me
I’m a sinner
An old mule skinner
A singer of sad ole songs
I’ve done left em in a trail of tears
From all the things I’ve done wrong
But I got enough to back it up so believe me I ain’t lying
I keep my feets on the ground and my eyes on the horizon

Maybe one day I’ll find me a piece of shade
But you know that won’t be too long till they lay me in the grave
So don’t tell me bout the good times or the things I’ve been missing
I ain’t much on small talk
I ain’t one for reminiscing
And I’d really love to stick around but I’m too busy grinding
I keep my feets on the ground and my eyes on the horizon

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