Flamingo Pink Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead

Flamingo Pink Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Flamingo Pink Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Aesop Rock & Blockhead. This song is from Garbology album. This song will release on 12 November 2021.

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Flamingo Pink Lyrics Aesop Rock
Flamingo Pink Lyrics Aesop Rock

Song:– Flamingo Pink

Singer:– Aesop Rock & Blockhead

Album:– Garbology

Producer:– Blockhead

Written:– Aesop Rock & Blockhead

Flamingo Pink Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead

[Verse 1]
The rope goes over the wall
Or the controller born to hold a stethoscope to a vault
Wooly willy, peel off in a barrel over the falls
And down river by the time they radio for the dogs
I crossed heart, can’t tell a bad day from a death wish
Detour through the graveyard with a chef’s kiss
They don’t make a pill for that, it’s too advanced
All you can do is lick your wounds and whistle past the boogie mans
Wicked forces in the wings descending on the simple things
Like taffy at the boardwalk under ribbons of flamingo pink
Which mutates into ovеrcrowded Plinko on a laser grid
Havens turn dangеrous, friendly faces, traitorous, ayy
I’m never late, I’m never early ever, right when I’m meant to
To counteract the evil that men do
I’m a motherfuckin’ gem in the refuse
Even when the world’s ending, what the F is your excuse?
Don’t get brave around the cave mouth
Get chased, ain’t no lollipop on the way out
I’m way out, the way of the walk is a different discipline
It’s difficult, ten thousand hours get you to guinea pig
Dirtbag daddy, snatch a lackey off a chessboard
Hack up any edgelord, plastic wrap death’s door
Ten-four, half-wit, I ain’t your good buddy
I can, however, be bought with a blue slushie

Good goddamn, good goddamn
Every idol I ever met is a conman
Good God, good God, good goddamn
Gotta hopscotch hot pan to hot pan
Good God
Good God
Good God

[Verse 2]
I grew up over seven plies of maple wood that chew up new terrain
You laughing because I’m different, I’m laughing ’cause you the same
I been discovering a distant corner of the human brain
Whose function is to see you rue the day that you rebuke the name
Don’t do it, social cues bouncing off his open wounds
Folk are on some, “Oh, hello,” I’m on some hocus pocus, poof
Holy moly, motion blur from bloke to Canis Lupus
By the fifth frame of the photo booth
Show that to your focus group
You can not domesticate the modern vigilante
Who increasingly identifies as energy expanding
My pat on the back is a little Edward Scissorshands-y
Come and send it with the cleverest to never stick the landing
Tomb raider, screwface under the gauze
Y’all should giddy up or get your city covered in salt, yeah
I am dumb enough to run through a wall
Build another one and run through it too, what is he on?
Electric green smoothies and bean water from Vietnam
Orchids in the air and over forty years of beat the clock
We will not be keeping calm
We will turn barbarians to Carrie at the senior prom
Meet us in the creeping fog
I know you weebles wobble, but never completely topple
Even more reason for me to see you obscenely remodeled
Let’s get your body walloped into Braque or P. Picasso
You ain’t the person you let your believers think they follow

Good goddamn, good goddamn
Every idol I ever met is a conman
Good God, good God, good goddamn
Gotta hopscotch hot pan to hot pan
Good God
Good God
Good God

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