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Intro (Fortune) Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Fortune Lyrics Dappy are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Dappy. This song is from Fortune album. This song will release on 3 December 2020.

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Fortune Lyrics Dappy
Fortune Lyrics Dappy

Song:– Intro (Fortune)

Singer:– Dappy

Album:– Fortune

Producer:– Rvtchet & Rxwntree

Written:– Dappy

Fortune Lyrics Dappy

Ay, yo, look
Pissy staircases, momma grinding for minimum wages
I’m out here debt collecting whilst mummy’s ducking the bailiffs
A young gunner tryna ball like Patrick Vieira
I didn’t wanna walk to school had to jack a Carrerra
Them days of eighth came looking like a three five
My only holiday was a trip to the seaside
I’ll never settle, I’m a rebel, fuck the heartache
That’s why I was out here dotting pebbles up in Margate
Little Duki was a rapper, his bredrin was a trapper
Both grew up in the same hood but got caught up in the passa
Hella quick to cause a mazza if ever he spot an opp
When Duk was low and he was up he was always swinging them shots
Just 15, limousine, dreaming about the top
Out here scheming bout how we gonna cop us the latest drop
I see a man do well I wanna link him and pour him Hennessy
Cause my hearts clean I can’t keep up with all the jealousy
Long story short Duki only went and bust, I’m talking major
Now he’s known as “Mr. Do a Man a Million Favours”
Ain’t this like the hundredth time Duki’s had to save ya?
Loyalty a lifestyle, never be a traitor
Oi, why you watching man’s guap? Lay your own paper
You see that side-eye there? That shit gon turn man to a hater
Duk told you, you ain’t chopping up, no more squares
And he then he brought you in the circle just so you fly straighter
On mums life man I had you from early
You made a drink like out of everything, why so thirsty?
You was TM for two months and you made like thirty
So how you gon do that boy there dirty
One night Duki was lacking rolling with sis
Stopped at a shop for some drinks, a couple man took the piss
There was like 1 v. 9, man had to swallow his pride
Usually, Duk a hothead but this just wasn’t the time
Now they in the whip, sis bawling, Duk biting his nails
She like “Rah, how you really gonna take this L?”
So then I went a grab a uh, I’ll do anything for her
Duki had to mash work, give a fuck bout jail
So then he nearly caught an AM, because some shh snitched
Then Duki’s bredrin caught him slipping kicking ball in the pitch
As if my brother ever roll without a ting on his list
He’s like here hold this to ya ugh
Fucking hell talk about having everything and then dashing it down the drain
And now your boys all in a mix and he left man with a stain
On top of that you’re in a mess doing up Ivy Parade
Duk must be blessed than witness never even came
Boomerang, Duki bounced right back on his feet
When the same snitched caught back up with bro’s bro last week
He got the droppa where you’d be
Then he run-up in the T, remember me
I hold that in ya “ooh”
Your boy’ll say he’s down to ride and duck down your pagans
And he’ll make you feel guilty then he’ll give you bare auto maintenance
You try give ’em an inch they take a mile
You give a man a drink they want the whole fucking Nile
Duki’s never been a yes-man
But still they wanna test man
Since when has Duki done shows for less than 10 wham?
You acting like your kids the only ones that need to eat
Brother, you’re the one that’s out here tryna get us booked for cheap
“You mad or suttin bro you nearly caught me a case
Furthermore, you’re ain’t the one left with the kweft up face
But rest up mate, gotta get you out your house by 8
Yo go bed bro, you been chatting shit till late”
Shit weren’t right, he was moving mad that night
Cause I when I woke up next day my jewel box felt light
Its all changed, I hear you and I feel your pain
But how you gonna live in my yard and steal my chain?
Yeah you done me but I know that you was burning
I nearly risked the team, I swear to God I could have turned him
It could’ve been curtains and I know that for certain
But bro I’ve always love you I could never turn vermin
I’m always gonna miss you, wish you heard this song
Glad we spoke in the celly after you did me wrong
I felt incomplete, before I let this out
My brother rest in peace
You’ll be in my heart till the day that I decease

I was out tryna give, give give
Was I tryna help me live
Mm-hm, Mm-hm

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