Glory Drip Song Lyrics

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Song:– Glory Drip

Singer:– Zeroh


Written:– Zeroh

Glory Drip Lyrics Zeroh


I be-

[Verse 1]
Wage, war
Dark, soul

Raised on 30 stacks, go agro
Green lard keep a
Top shelf gas money
Cash, woah
Mash it up grass pack up a
Shouts out to my ninjas way back in the dark roads
Put your hands up this is our show
Stay silent, convo
I be all in it, high as shit
Light environment beyond eagles door
Zeroh superb
Now you see

Live minds eye, site microdoses
So bold and, loaded
Infatuated with hocus
Yogurt, oh
Little bit of glory
Ain’t you know this
Pass the work, lets, elevate our pros, oo
Im sick of the same old stories
Sick of the same old god damn group
Sick of the same old, day by day, hey
Take hold, take heap
Take no (?)

[Verse 2]

I desire will
London in the

When it simply consistent within the frame
Chocolate butter (?)
Past life on some evil gain
Vision make a bigger

Fill em full of holy notions

I lost (?)
That bitch in my parade
Made of proper things (?)
Why’d he swing my saber

Been a renegade

I’m insane
No babies, a catalyst to perk up DNA (?)
(?), s ince genesis
Sonic generation, vr, we are the wave
World wide innovation
Time to meet your maker
Tell your niggas, run the fade
Say less, niggas probably most safe anyways
Cuz needa stop everyday
Neo mind, I’m above this
We on sight
They going swollen
Be on the fight
They’ve been waring from the jump
Since the bay (?) god let there be rights to claim
Mama raised me to be a nicer man
But papa hit me till that paper changed me
Lover pushed me toward the finer things
Beauty and legacy, family value, love
Nobody could’ve put a price on the pain
He doubled the worth
For every single tenant you share, remember the code
Push on and invest
Imma put on no (?)
I got nothing but stories
Living in the land of the lies

Dirty thirty
I don’t really feel it
Please don’t feel me, work might kill me
D-d-dirty couch
Sleep or flee the feeling
Finna od on it
Living in the og feeling, filling for you
Burn me out
Y’all can’t really deal
Out here looking silly still, that 2020 hypocrite, bitch
I earned me house
Little culture drip
That very rare generational young black millennial ownership

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