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Finally Lyrics Cochise

Grind Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Grind Lyrics Cochise are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Cochise. This song is from The Inspection album. This song will release on 24 June 2022.

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Grind Lyrics Cochise
Grind Lyrics Cochise

Song:– Grind

Singer:– Cochise

Album:– The Inspection

Producer:– 808iden

Written:– Cochise

Label:– Columbia Records

Grind Lyrics Cochise

Oh, that **** loud
Hehe, yeah
Loud, yeah
Yeah (Yeah)
Yeah (Yeah)

Grind (Ayy)
Grind (Hey)
Grind (Hey)

Yeah, oh, oh, yeah
Yeah, ayy, super saiyan
Uh, saiyan
Super saiyan (Super saiyan), I’m just sayin’ (I’m just sayin’)
Stop that playin’ (Stop that playin’)
Huh, playin’
What you— Huh, huh, ayy, ayy (Whole lot of mans)
What you say? (Wanna fuck on the gang?)
Huh, yeah, I can’t play (I got a whole lot of bands)
Ayy, ayy, ayy
I, back then, I was waitin’, I was tired (Tired)
Niggas they was hatin’ on my grind (Take, take, take, on my grind)
Yeah, now they got to watch a nigga shine (Shine, yeah)
Prayin’ that my father, show the sign
Yeah, uh
My shawty stupid fine
I’m lookin’ stupid fly
I’m in the crib for the night
Shawty, she movin’ it right (Right)
Diamonds, they movin’ at night (Night)
I’m in the sky like a kite (Damn)
Shawty, she lovin’ the sight (Sight)
No, I don’t care ’bout the hight (Hight)
Walk in this club with a pipe (Pipe)
Shawty like, “Give me a bite” (Bite)
Baby, I don’t even fight (Fight)
Baby girl, give me the light

Grind (Ayy)
Grind (Hey)
Grind (Hey)

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