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Hi J. Cole… Song Lyrics

Description:- Hi J Cole Lyrics Token are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ​Token. This Song will release on 15 May 2021.

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Hi J. Cole Lyrics Token
Hi J. Cole Lyrics Token

Song:– Hi J. Cole…

Singer:– Token

Written:– Token

Label:– Never Too Different

Hi J Cole Lyrics Token

Yeah, ay Cole, I’m not gonna lie bro, you got me motivated
I feel like the old me, huh
Let me tell you what’s been on my mind

[Verse 1]
I’m watching the people I know that I’m better than elevate to a hype bigger than mine
The only reason you got you a buzz is because none of your competition even tryin’
They don’t put me in no rap conversation, but nah, I ain’t trippin’, it’s coming in time
Happy you had you a moment but Token back focused to show ’em you don’t got a flow colder than mine
My flow oh, it divine, my flow open thеy mind
Like they doing DMT, I’m the Joе Rogan of rhyme
But don’t choke on the lines, your throat closing ’cause I’m tryna bring smoke like the pope’s chosen in time
And they know no one’s close when I go toe-to-toe so when I give my whole glow moment to shine
Most pose like they blind, don’t open they eyes
Act like they can’t hear me, Hulk Hogan inside
Take it as a lesson
J. Cole dropped now I’m waiting on the Kendrick and if Drizzy don’t deliver then I take it as a message
Gotta put in work, I gotta make it as a legend
Ain’t waiting for the credit, pay way beyond the credit
Bank statement with a message and it says “Great bakery” or maybe where the bread is
Flew her out to L.A., baby look at Venice
Give a bitch a new life but I ain’t gon’ get her pregnant, hell no

[Verse 2]
Leave me alone
East coast kid, cold dick, but I pre heat my hoes
She don’t call me Token, she call me T, oh
Now she tryna sip tea, that bitch got sore throat
Set the record, I’m blessed today
The epidemic was just a phase, the better level of renegade
I’m Eminem when he met with Jay
And tell Atlantic to get me payed, this ain’t no cryptocurrency
But the real Token prolly best investment they ever made, hoe
Talkin’ down to me like I ain’t on the level yet, I bet I sell double tickets on the road
Give her dick with real passion like I’m broke even though we just fuck in my million dollar home
I told him not to bring his pistol with him but he stuck up in his ways and it’s just how it goes
And it kinda do remind me of myself ’cause I’m about to drop a hit, but still wanna hit ’em with that old flow
Get ’em again, I gotta
Sippin’ the gin, imminent sin when I get in my bottle
Legend alive, bet if I die, then they gon’ print my novel
Everyday wine, better with time, I’m on a different cycle
Toke in a whole different zone, oh it’s a moment to hold
Cole you just throw me the bone, I beat all beats you condone
I treat my seat like a throne, I keep like three different hoes
I keep my kids in their throat and I leave ’em each all disowned
I ain’t no role model

[Verse 3]
Tippy-toe with the flow, oh, gotta be quiet
My bitch a home video, oh, you gotta watch it
Her titties sewn, knitted on, wow, she such a doll
And if any foe wanna get at me you can catch me out at Massachusetts
Stupid, happy, absolutely movin’ past the bracket you assume I’m actually belongin’ in
But I got the sponsorship like dude a student athlete
Fuck this beat, I need some action

[Verse 4]
Pick the casket, I’m the kid to pack it in
Kill the track and give it back again like the shit’s an accident
My bad, I’m babbling, back to the topic
I heard Token’s ’bout to drop a project, God it’s nostalgic
It’s been too long, I’m poppin’, I got like all ’em watching
I let them jack my flow, have my flow, fuck that shit, I’m off it
It get awkward when they throw me in a boat with fucking so and so
Knowin’ that I let their moment go, but now I’m owed my own
My vocal tone tell me “Calm it down, relax dog
You proved enough to ’em, just give them the tracks
And when they talk about this new rappers getting their bags I wanna tell ’em all salute”
All comparisons are through
Okay, I gotta get back, cool
My name on the map, that belong on a plaque too
Fact, in fact, it’s feeling it’s past due, true
Comin’ to bat, ooh, it’s me, it’s T
It’s fuckin’ the whole industry if they don’t give me the key
Never Too Different


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