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High And Trippin’ Lyrics Devin The Dude

High And Trippin’ Song Lyrics

Description:- High And Trippin’ Lyrics Devin The Dude ft. 14K are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ​Devin The Dude. This song is from Soulful Distance album. This Song will release on 5 February 2021.

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Song:– High And Trippin’

Singer:– Devin The Dude

Featuring:– 14K

Album:– Soulful Distance

Written:– Devin The Dude & 14K

High And Trippin’ Lyrics Devin The Dude

[Intro/Chorus: [?]]
Can you hear it?
Can you hear it?

[Verse 1: Devin The Dude]
High and I’m trippin’, I’m in the kitchen
Fryin’ up some chicken, but rhymes you’ve been missin’
I put away the pots and pans, time to punch the clock again
Hit the stage, rock the fans, a lot of weed, lot of hands in the air
Hit the square, that’s some pretty good shit you have
You rolled it kinda crooked, yeah, it’s a hole in it, lookie there
Hold it like you’re playin a flute; I don’t like to stay in the booth
But I need to fix my teeth, they say I look like a sabre-tooth
Nevermind them, bitches, I get behind ’em
And grind ’em so hard I make ’em cough up a condom
I’m just bullshittin’, I’m too old to bang for hours
Mr. Copeland come [?] with a gang of flowers
But if your thang is sour, go find a shower
Pantyliner and some kind of fine vagina powder
I was lookin’ for some strangé since I was a young age
Dick got stiff soon as I took a whiff one day

[Chorus: [?]]
Can you hear it?
Aw yeah! (Can you hear it?)
Can you hear it?

[Verse 2: Wood of 14k]
Drunk and I’m trippin’, coochie grippin’, tequila sippin’
Not beefin’, never slippin’, still Cadillac dippin’
Heineken tippin’, script, never flip it
Just lost my ambition for random women, pokin’ and pimpin’
Can you hear it? In my voice?
Well, of course you can’t, ’cause I’m lyin’
But you can ask my wife, I been tryin’
Damn, I got divorced a few times, but don’t give up on me
Fuck with me; fuck me over, your luck’ll be
Bad as fuck ’cause you’re stuck with me
Lots of chokin’ and knuckling, no more grinnin’ and chuckling
Devin, pass me the weed, so I can touch the sky when I jump
What the fuck am I talkin’ about? Nothin’

[Chorus: [?]]
A-can you hear it?
Aw yeah!
Can you hear it?
A-can you hear it?
Aw y-y-yeah!

[Verse 3: Quad of 14k]
Yeah, I flow cool out a Cadillac
Been known to keep it funky like the product in the Similac
I blow a sack while I’m drippin’ facts all over wax
Mr. Artifacts came to kick it in the art of rap
A heart attack, the acts that only glitz wearin’ they gold
Ain’t a solid object rapper got the gift to be this dope
Make amazin’ situations happen, killin’ [?]
I’m a bad man, context: mad professional
Quantum leap, I gotta be the scientific when I spit it
Stimulated, highly medicated, comin’ wit’ it vivid
Buzzin’ like a bee, Muhammad Ali, you can find me
Poppin’ tops and killin’ quarts in front of M-I-C

[Chorus/Outro: [?] & Quad of 14k]
Can you hear it? (Can ya, can ya hear it, can ya hear it?)
Can ya hear it?
Aw yeah!

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