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Hustler Vs. Scammer Lyrics Peezy

Hustler Vs. Scammer Song Lyrics

Description:- Hustler Vs. Scammer Lyrics Peezy are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Peezy. This song is from Only Built 4 Diamond Links album. This song will release on 29 July 2022.

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Hustler Vs. Scammer Lyrics Peezy
Hustler Vs. Scammer Lyrics Peezy

Song:– Hustler Vs. Scammer

Singer:– Peezy

Album:– Only Built 4 Diamond Links

Written:– Peezy

Hustler Vs. Scammer Lyrics Peezy

[Verse 1]
Seventeen with my own trap (With my own spot)
Talkin’ to the hook, we don’t condone that (We don’t do that)
Talk to Siri, I don’t need a fuckin’ road map
She on her period, she almost fucked up the whole bag (She almost blew it)
And my watch, that’s a whole thang (That’s a whole brick)
I’m talkin’ Fetty Wap, not no cocaine (Lil’ nigga)
Bought an eighth from unc’ like I’m Rocaine (yeah)
Two liter pineapple, pour the whole thang
I can’t fuck with these niggas again (Uh-uh)
I’m married now, I’m done fuckin’ these bitches again (I’m done)
Check my account, I just made me a ticket again (I just made another ticket)
I hit the baddest bitches out in Michigan and I ain’t give ’em shit (And I ain’t give ’em shit)
You really got it out the mud, nigga, lift your wrist (Lift it up)
Sippin’ Wockhardt all day, now a nigga stiff (Yeah)
I might buy a bitch a bag if she talk right
It’s funny how the shirt all black, but it’s Off-White (Huh?)
Before we got this shit off rap, we got it off white (Yeah)
Cuttin’ up a half a brick, we gon’ be in this bitch all night (Nigga)
Yeah, I’m the man, nigga, face it (Face it)
The little shit you coppin’ with, I spend it on a bitch bracelet (Nothin’)
I won’t touch a bitch if she basic (Nope)
I’m in a penthouse now, I came out the basement (I came out the basement)
I hit a brick with a hammer, huh, yeah
Had to hit a brick with a hammer, it was harder than the fuckin’ pavement
Bro stabbed me in the back, felt like it was Jason (Damn)
Endured so much pain, I just can’t take it (I just can’t take it)
She done jumped on this thang and she can’t take it (Shit, bitch), yeah

[Verse 2]
Sellin’ dope in front my granny crib, yeah (In front my granny house)
I sold dope with my whole family, nigga, yeah (With my whole family, nigga)
Grew up seein’ gold chains and Caddies, nigga, yeah (I grew up seein’ shit)
Grew up seein’ whole thangs and baggies, nigga (What you know about it?)
Tried to tell my niggas get some money, fuck that smoke (Fuck that smoke)
My nigga tried to tell me do some scammin’, fuck that dope (Man, fuck that dope shit)
I tried to tell my nigga it’s hard to change, it’s all I know (My nigga)
My nigga told me we do whatever the fuck we want (My nigga)
I been prayin’ to God, I been stressin’ (Stressed out)
Been goin’ through so much shit, man, I need a blessing (For real)
Brodie in the feds called, tellin’ me keep rappin’ (Hello?)
This shit ain’t goin right, now I’m back passin’ out these testers (I’m here)
My nigga lost his life, now I’m back ridin’ around with these weapons
Plug dropped the price, got a nigga flyin’ back out to Texas
I’m back overnight
Keep these pussy niggas ‘way from me, I ain’t too social
Niggas jump right in they feelings when they see you havin’ motion, yeah (Fuck ’em)

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