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Back To The Village Lyrics Wiley

Intro (Godfather 3) Song Lyrics

Description:- Intro Godfather 3 Lyrics Wiley are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer Wiley. This Song is from Album Back to the Village This Song will release on 24 April 2020.

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Intro (Godfather 3) Lyrics Wiley
Intro (Godfather 3) Lyrics Wiley

Song:– Intro (Godfather 3)

Singer:– Wiley

Album:– Back to the Village

Producer:– Infamous (UK)

Written:– Wiley

Intro Godfather 3 Lyrics Wiley

G-3, yo

[Verse 1]
I see it for what it is
And I don’t want none of it
It’s my hobby and I’ma do it for the fun of it
I’ll be the father, bro, you can be the son of it
It’s always been me and mine runnin’ it
The loudest pack, I’m here bunnin’ it
Did a couple years, think you done a bit
Got a couple hunnids in
I ain’t a hater here ’cause I be bubblin’
Who brought the trouble in? I’m money doublin’
Doublin’ up, I come around in my i8
I ain’t complainin’ ’bout nothin’, ’cause I hate
Some of the paigon’s ways, make a man irate
I know you follow couple patterns that I made
I made patterns
Been in every jeweler’s shop from Bethnal Green to Hatton
The mandem don’t play in my culture
They’ll pull up to the junction, jump out and clap ’em

G-3, my bro, it’s G-3
Dem man there couldn’t ever G me
I’ve been a don since man had a Punto GT
The DJ, MC from Bow E3
I’m like, G-3, my bro, it’s G-3
Dem man there couldn’t ever G me
I’ve been a don since man had a Punto GT
The DJ, MC from Bow E3

[Verse 2]
Too many MC’s not enough mics
Lookin’ for the smoke, I ain’t lookin’ for the likes
Don’t chat to man about lyrics and mics
Everyday I look a vibe when I create a style
Dem man gravitate towards the style that I buss
And for sure that’s fine
Just remember, that’s mine
Man step out the yard and go work
Man step on the set, and man murk
Manna pioneer like Kool Herc
Raised the east like my brother Bossturk
Mash up the dance just like Dirty Flirts
I make a riddim, and I search for the perks
Man can’t tell me a thing ’cause man works
I’m sorry, my G, the truth hurts

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