Isolated (smoke & mirrors) Lyrics Takida

Isolated (smoke & mirrors) Song Lyrics

Description:-  Isolated (smoke & mirrors) Lyrics Takida are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by ​Takida. This song is from The Agony Flame album. This song will release on February 9, 2024.

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Isolated (smoke & mirrors) Lyrics Takida
Isolated (smoke & mirrors) Lyrics Takida

Song:– Isolated (smoke & mirrors)
Singer:– ​Takida
Album:– The Agony Flame
Producer:– Takida
Written:– ​Robert Pettersson & Archie McCallum
Label:– Napalm Records

Isolated (smoke & mirrors) Lyrics Takida

I once woke up with unapologetic joy
The age of innocence you one day would destroy

Took it for granted just like anybody would
When things seem too good to be true
They’re usually too good to be true

Master manipulator
Because this is do or die
There will be no later

I’m isolated
I’ve quarantined my soul
Is it contagious?
Guess I’ll spread my darkness alone

I’m suffocated
I’ve never felt this cold
This dissipated love that holds no meaning

I playback all the things I wish that I’d been told
With all the smoke and mirrors
Tell me, how could I have known?

I’m tangled in my own confusion
Caught in a web of lies

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