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July 30th Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​July 30th Lyrics Money Man & TEC are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Money Man & TEC. This song is from Epidemic (Deluxe) album. This Song will release on 21 August 2020.

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July 30th Lyrics Money Man
July 30th Lyrics Money Man

Song:– July 30th

Singer:– Money Man & TEC

Album:– Epidemic (Deluxe)

Producer:– Trauma Tone & Taylor Michael

Written:– Money Man & TEC

July 30th Lyrics Money Man & TEC


[Verse 1: Money Man]
Did the math on all these niggas, somethin’ here ain’t addin’ up
We used to sit inside the trap with zaza, nigga, and bag it up
We ain’t have no sacks, all these dusty hoes would laugh at us
My girl bad as fuck, she need a punishment, she actin’ up
She bend over, back it up, your last tape was wack as fuck
I just bought a Lambo’ truck just to pick my spirits up
R.I.P. my fallen soldiers, they all near and dear to us
They respect, they fear in us, only place to go is up
Mask the pain, I’m pourin’ up
Pussy nigga seen a body and on the scene, he started throwin’ up
Opps mad we blowin’ up
Nigga, ain’t no ho in us
Only thing I wonder is how the fuck thе love turn to hate so quick?
Wе got commas, we don’t stress
Always workin’, never rest
And got bags on private jets
I wanna dive inside your legs
Kickin’ shit and countin’ velour
Every night, I’m crashin’, and the next day, act like I never knew her
I keep three or four shooters
Niggas hear them pipes ’cause we push muscle cars, yeah
Jealous that I been countin’ triple y’all, yeah
First this shit was mini, but now it’s bigger, dawg, yeah
R.I.P. my rounds, I swear I’m missin’ y’all
Every song be hard, that boy don’t miss at all
When the gang come spin, them boys won’t miss at all, bitch
We gon’ come for blood, so nigga, don’t diss at all
I’m just tryna be an agent like I’m Rich Paul
Bein’ too nice to niggas, man, that’s probably one of my biggest flaws
Tryna perfect my craft this week, I’m focused, I won’t answer calls
Two of my partners beefin’, it went too far, it’s too late to get involved
Loaded up on weapons just to make sure all my problems solved
Drop a four inside a twenty, I’ma watch the drank dissolve
All this money got me shopping daily at the nicest mall
Don’t take pride in bein’ broke, if it’s up, you know it’s smoke
Now we flyin’ first class, at first, we ain’t have no hope

[Interlude: TEC]
At first we ain’t have no hope (I swear to God)
In that water, we ain’t have no boat
From the jungle, no petting zoo, but they call me the G.O.A.T.
Luwhop, ah

[Verse 2: TEC]
2020 ‘Vette with 3LT, I’ma wrap it matte purple
Chopper with me, no NLE, shit is only like a fat person
Niggas that I used to feed wanna see me back hurtin’
Who them niggas wanna be, bitch, I’m really that person
Where gats burstin’, back floatin’ through that rack lurchin’
Tell rappers be aware when they come here, ’cause we snatch purses
I could go and step out by myself or let this sack murk ’em
Deals with the cartel, ain’t no squares in my Black Circle
Went did a bid ’cause I used to ride for my shit
Ex-bitch made so many jail visits, she got tired of my shit
Now you see me draped in Prada so you proud of me, bitch?
But I got a brand new model bitch to come and swallow this dick
Now I got that money, baby, but that’s an understatement
Blowin’ Obama Runtz up in the conference with that Nation
Dressed in all purple in Baltimore like the Ravens
Don’t make money, it don’t make sense, too rich to make greatness
All-black Ferrari Spider, that’s that eight shit
Credit A1 when it come to bodies, I don’t pay shit
And I’m in that H right now, but I’m smokin’ on LA shit
Weed you on givin’ coronavirus ’cause I don’t taste shit
On Instagram, she fly as shit, in reality, that bitch a nat
Your views and streams be high as a bitch, in reality, you still a rat
Strapped up like rides in a theme park, prayin’ that I make it back
Alexander McQueen scarf tied around a mini MAC (Luwhop)

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