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Lena’s Insight Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Lena’s Insight Lyrics Logic are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Logic. This song is from Vinyl Days album. This song will release on 17 June 2022.

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​​​​Lena’s Insight Lyrics Logic
​​​​Lena’s Insight Lyrics Logic

Song:– Lena’s Insight

Singer:– Logic

Album:– Vinyl Days

Producer:– ALFii, Vig, Mario Luciano & Logic

Written:– Lena Waithe & Logic

Label:– Def Jam Recordings & Visionary Music Group

Lena’s Insight Lyrics Logic

[Skit: Lena Waithe]
Alright, those are my two thoughts
They feel pretty honest to where I’m at right now, hahaha
Holdin’ up mirrors and just workin’ through things
If you wanted to shorten something, let me know
If you wanna edit it and play with it, cool
But I think that’s really where I’m at right now
In terms of, you know, the artist’s journey
You know, and why we do what we do
And that’s a really big thing for me as of late
Like, not doin’ work to feel validated
That’s a big thing for me at the moment
Like, I don’t wanna like, do anything so people can go
“Oh, I like that, oh, that’s cool”
It’s more about “Oh, shit, okay, alright, I’ma sit with that”
Hahaha, umm, that to me is more interesting
Umm, and this is not for your album
This is just me tellin’ you about the two things I’vе just said
And of course you’re gonna be likе
“Oh, there’s some cool stuff in this too”
But, yeah, gotta try not to do it for applause, man
Mmm-mmm, couldn’t do it for applause
Then you gotta catch the tomato if they gon’ let you too
Alright, bro, love you, peace

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