Moment of Clarity Freestyle Lyrics KILLY

Crazy Life of Sin (2022 Album)

Description:Moment of Clarity Freestyle Lyrics KILLY are Provided in this article. The track is lead by KILLY. This Track belongs to Crazy Life of Sin album. It is released on December 21, 2022.

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Moment of Clarity Freestyle Lyrics KILLY
Moment of Clarity Freestyle Lyrics KILLY

Song:– Moment of Clarity Freestyle

Singer:– KILLY

Album:– Crazy Life of Sin

Producer:– FREAKEY!

Written:– KILLY

Moment of Clarity Freestyle Lyrics KILLY

Ahh, yeah
Showing love to Ash, she stood by me on my worst days
Wavy the only one that got me something every birthday
People I called friends, came and hurt me in the worst way
Ain’t been the same person as that person from the first day

Water on my face got these bitches acting thirsty (What?)
Gotta keep my space, who gon’ be there when it’s murky?
Stuck up in my ways, I’m on my way to another milli’
Countin’ down the days till I catch a plane up out the city
Need me a vacation, I know who I’m bringing with me
Lately I’ve been paranoid, I’m smoking out the chimney
Just bought a nеw Benz, truthfully deservеd a Bentley
She know that I’m skinny but these pockets really hefty
See me in these Louis V, V jeans they cost a hundun’
Crushin’ road on Kennedy, stayed humble till my time come
Ain’t buying no Percocets unless I know who I’m buying from
Now I’m the only one I’d ever run from
I did shit for everybody, can’t name one thing they did for me
If I lost it all right now, without doubt, who would visit me?
Seen so many change and tried to blame me, are you kidding me?
Turned me to a savage, took advantage of my affinity (Yeah)
Picking up the phone, call my sis’, swear it been a while (Yeah)
Everything’s for you and say cool, I can’t let them down (Yeah)
I’ma tell my truth unless I’m talking to the judge, yeah (Yeah)
That ain’t nothing new, been doing that since I was young, yeah
Label tryna breed more fuckery for some exposure
Knowing they gon’ profit if I ever lose composure (Composure)
Rubies, emeralds, diamonds, need a piece of my foreclosure (Foreclosure)
Running from these backshots, just make me pull her closer (Closer)
Still up on my soul search, weight up on my shoulders
Try to block my blessings, I’ma put them on a poster (You)
I got me confesions that way deeper that the ocean
Not what they expecting, never cared, I kicked the door in (No, no, no)
Thousand miles on the road, thousand miles from home (Yeah)
Twenty mg, I’m gone
Might fuck around, take your soul (You)
Ran it up on my own
It’s not love, there was no hope
Ten toes on my show
Pulling up, they pull phones out (Yeah)
I could fuck like any bitch but I just want my bitch (Bitch)
Had to drop every sediment, put a lightshow on this wrist, yeah
My inner circle, took an oath, that I hold close so I can’t switch, yeah
These angels inked to my skin, in this crazy life of sin (Yeah, yeah)

This is my moment of clarity (Clarity)
This is my moment of clarity (Clarity)
This is my moment of clarity
This is my moment of clarity (Clarity)

Racks on me not fazing me (Fazing me)
These voices not fazing me (Not fazing me)
No, nothing is fazing me (Not fazing me)
Any, and it’s just me (What?)

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