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My Luv Freestyle Lyrics Kaash Paige

S2ML (2022 Album)

Description: My Luv Freestyle Lyrics Kaash Paige are Provided in this article. The track is lead by Kaash Paige. This Track belongs to ​S2ML album. It is released on November 18, 2022.

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My Luv Freestyle Lyrics Kaash Paige
My Luv Freestyle Lyrics Kaash Paige

Song:– My Luv Freestyle

Singer:– Kaash Paige

Album:– S2ML

Producer:– Eric Hudson

Written:– Kaash Paige, Eric Hudson & Marcus James

My Luv Freestyle Lyrics Kaash Paige

You hate when I go missing
You hate we ain’t cool no more, there’s some distance
You hate, you hate
You hate me, hate me, hate me (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)

[Verse 1]
Can you feel the waves? (The waves)
Can you feel my body, feel my pain? (My pain)
Can you ease my mind? I’ll make it rain
I got twenties, fifties, hundreds, I got bank (Bank)
To spend on you
Oh-oh, ooh-woah, we can’t move to slow (Move to slow)
Oh-oh, ooh-woah, bae, I gotta go
Oh-oh, ooh-woah, where you gotta go? (Now)
Oh-oh, ooh-woah, it’s me time, on my own
My love, my love

[Verse 2]
Guess it’s a scary thing, you can’t find me
Difference between me and you, you just try me
Scary hours, I gotta move different
No marriage shawty, told you I’m too pimpin’
Like Bun B and Pimp C, I’m uptown
Got your face all screwed up, you need to slow it down
Down, down, down-down
Down, down, down-down
Are you around? Are you in town?
Call up your friends and bring ’em round (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)

[Verse 3]
Feelings on too strong, I gotta miss it, baby
Messages too long, we gotta fix it, baby
I can’t rush to get back home, you know you so crazy
And I’m way too addicted to money to take off some days
I be tryna change my love, my love, my love
I swear, my love, my love, my love (My love)
Ooh, I’m faded, I’m faded

[Instrumental Outro]

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