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Mythbusters Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​​Mythbusters Lyrics Deko are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Deko. This song is from Moonkid Monday, Vol. 3 album. This Song will release on 25 January 2021.

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Mythbusters Lyrics Deko
Mythbusters Lyrics Deko

Song:– Mythbusters

Singer:– Deko

Album:– Moonkid Monday, Vol. 3

Producer:– ​spyrosocold

Written:– Deko

Mythbusters Lyrics Deko

(Spyro, you suck)

[Verse 1]
I just need a [?] Pallet Town
Play bunny, ooh, wow
Need for Speed: Underground
Whip, bitch I’m stuntin’ now
Cash flow, monotone
Chain bitch, I’m on the phone
Neck talk, it’s snow cone
Make it rain, postpone
Yeah, skill is okay but [?] determine, I’m gone
Flex on intruders, like it’s Home Alone
I feel like [?] go put on a show
Now they see me, now they motherfuckin’ don’t
She made that dick disappear in her throat
I got the [?] in the trench, the coat
Rockin’ the show like a motherfuckin’ boat
My shit so fire, they swear I’m a hoax

Huh, myth busters
I think that my baby got a four band purse
Huh, wow, myth busters
Deko had mothеrfuckin’ moon chain first (Huh)
Huh, myth busters
But it’s all good, no shit clustered
Think I might cop thеm big buster
Got so many swords, might get ’em insured

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[Verse 2]
Huh, bitch, I’m a psycho
Fix my credit, might fix that [?]
Catch this light show
I keep the piece, no motherfuckin’ typo
Huh, how ’bout that?
Bitch in the back and she act like a brat
[?] motherfuckin’ snack
Treat that ass wrong and she’ll motherfuckin’ snap

Um, this beat fuckin’ crazy
Huh, ah

[Verse 3]
Can’t nobody flex on me ’cause I’m doin’ me
I don’t go [?], I’ma fuck one, two, and three
And I fuckin’ love [?], but between you and me
If I really cared too much, it would ruin me
I don’t really got much time for comparison
[?] can’t see, need [?]
I’ma be a good samaritan
Work my ass off, get ’em a clarinet, ayy, ayy
Hit the beach with the family, vacay
In my arms is my motherfuckin’ baby
2020 said stay stuff
Got a brand new whip with some great rates
I’m on my porch
[?] it look like a torch
I feel important
Lil’ bitch, I came from the south, but I reached to the north, ha
Stanley the Steamer (Wet)
I eat it up and that shit feelin’ cleaner
You can’t see my demeanor
Good autotune, so they think I’m a cheater (Huh)
Internet bitch, like Heavens Arena
Move real quick, like a motherfuckin’ cheetah
Hacked that seat, drive, then I delete ’em (Well, if I do now)
Huh? Anyway, back to the better day
I would skip class, fuckin’ up with the letter grades
Flip good gas, sell weed, you could get paid
Now I got subs on Twitch, hit the stream raid
I’ma hit the dojo, workin’ on a mean fade
I’ve been watchin’ JoJo, listenin’ to Greenday
[?], got him a team blaze
Do the whole thing on the internet these days

Ayy, bruh, I swear to f—, oh my God
Goddamn, Spyro, I—, I—, I need some more Spyro beats
Ayy, damn, damn, damn, damn, yeah, yeah
Back in this bitch and I’m runnin’ this bitch (Huh)
Walk in this bitch and I’m runnin’ this shit, ayy
Ooh, ayy, yeah, uh, chi

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