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Nawfside Song Lyrics

Description:- Nawfside Lyrics NBA YoungBoy are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer NBA YoungBoy. This song is form album 38 Baby 2. This Song will release on 24 April 2020.

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Song:– Nawfside

Singer:– NBA YoungBoy

Album:– 38 Baby 2

Producer:– Noahmejia, Rio Leyva & India Got Them Beats

Written:– YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Nawfside Lyrics NBA YoungBoy

Mommy, India got them beats
Northside (I’m ready to go home, I ain’t with it)
Rich, where the drank at, fool?
I ain’t take one out the top, nigga, I’m known to take one out, bitch
Lil’ bitch

[Verse 1]
I-10 spinnin’ and I swerve on the block (Northside, skrrt, skrrt)
I got youngin’s on the corner strapped with Glocks watchin’ for opps
Got plenty shooters, got plenty guns, how many drugs? I’d say a lot
Reporting live, and bitch, [you ain’t gon’ really talk? 0:23]
Who they fuck they thought this was?
We ain’t moving no cards, bitch, this me out here (It’s me)
He can try and that nigga gon’ die, go to [play with them rods 0:30] (Bitch)
We gon’ put him to sleep out here (Bah)
No snake ass hoes, nigga, know that they fuck with them boys
They ain’t ‘posed to be out here
I’m a slime, can see straight green out here
4KTrey and bitch, we deep out here
Gon’ make her take her top off
Make her get straight out of her body
I’ma get that nigga knocked off
You’d do the same if you knew ’bout it
Hold on, maybe we’ll blow the cock off
Shoot this bitch at everybody (Bah, bah)
Don YoungBoy, know I’m Gotti
I don’t pay for the drop, I cop it (Let’s go)

[Twenty for the split nigga shit? 0:50], okay
Check how bloody it get, okay
Pussy nigga can’t spin back, no way
I’ma pop a nigga cap off top, on Dave
Still spending money and it’s coming each way
Flyin’ in the Lamb’ through the line of the state
All the hoes wanna stay but it’s no cheap stay
Double cup to the face, out of line with the gang

[Verse 2]
Know mans take a nigga [1:06 plate?] with ten
Hit a nigga ass soon as he whipped in (Bah)
Load up, spinnin’ the pack, where they been?
‘Fore we hopped in the car, I done had me one in
Sent them slimes at that bitch, I’ma send ’em again
I’m the slimiest bitch, I’ma say it again
And my mind with this shit, we be lockin’ it in
On the Wraith with my bitch, two-hundred and ten
Come from [?] 1:18 to Marco, check my barcode, I’m straight out the pen
Red River plus Wells Fargo, what’s the amount? Do I spend my advance?
Keep a dirty pistol in my fuckin’ pants (Okay, yeah)
We stepped on them, we gon’ murder you with that fuckin’ plan (Go ‘head and fuck with me and I’ll shoot)

Twenty for the split nigga shit, okay
Check how bloody it get, okay
Pussy nigga can’t spin back, no way
I’ma pop a nigga cap off top, on Dave
Finna spend money and it’s coming each way
Flying in the Lamb’ through the land out of state
All the hoes wanna stay but it’s no cheap stay
Double cup to the face, out of line with the gang

[Verse 3]
I said, “Stop it”
You could act like you want smoke, I ain’t here for no joke
I’ll fuck ’round and pop it
Give a fuck ’bout no camera, don’t play with my bro
Strip his ass at the store, we gon’ go in his pockets
Go back-to-back, [1:50 tell it for tell it], no hollow for hollow
Stand toe-to-toe with anybody
We gon’ get at ’em back-to-back with this drop
[?] [1:55] that nigga, check how he move with that shotty
Let that nigga talk, he ain’t taking that, no
Let that nigga live ’til he come to the North
I already know the deal, I ain’t even gotta talk
Big B get him killed, meet me back at the house
Two up for to serve to somebody
My brother who got it, we ridin’ around in a drought
I’m stuffing that in my pocket
I’ll step on somebody, I’ll flash if they open they mouth

Mmm, okay, uh
Pussy ass nigga, okay, uh
Broke ass nigga, okay, uh
Scary ass nigga, no way
Bitch, I’m fine, I’m straight, uh
Bitch, I’m doing okay, mm
Bitch, get out my face
YoungBoy, 4KTrey (YoungBoy, 4KTrey)

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