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No Laughing Matter Lyrics Boldy James & The Alchemist

No Laughing Matter Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​No Laughing Matter Lyrics Boldy James & The Alchemist are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Boldy James & The Alchemist. This song is from Bo Jackson: Expanded Edition (Vinyl) album. This song will release on 27 August 2021.

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No Laughing Matter Lyrics Boldy James
No Laughing Matter Lyrics Boldy James

Song:– No Laughing Matter

Singer:– Boldy James & The Alchemist

Album:– Bo Jackson: Expanded Edition (Vinyl)

Producer:– The Alchemist

Written:– Boldy James & The Alchemist

No Laughing Matter Lyrics Boldy James & The Alchemist

Niggas know who control the streets
Drug zone, Hell Block, yeah
ConCreature shit
Boldy Blockworks
Let’s get it

If I ain’t got it, then Double’ll tote it, we got the same vices
Same prices that them hustlers quoted (Yeah)
Can microwave, up on the stove, and over the sink
Dropped out of Coolie, but in this street shit, I got double promoted
Any drug, I done sold it, when I shoot a gun, I unload it
Spent most of my twenties livin’ on the run, it was bogus
Son of a [?] so you know murder one was the motive (Ma dukes)
Kept it too rеal, never hid shit from my son if you’ve noticеd
Was under a microscope, starin’ at life through my rifle scope
Catch him up top, come with a plush and a bonus (Bah)
Cop a plea, what’s a opp to me but another opponent? (What’s an opp?)
I’ll paint your face red, that same hair that you brush, I’ma comb it (Fuckin’ bozo)
You never dumped a ooh-wop, emptyy up a drum and reload it (Brr)
Until the barrel start meltin’ and the muzzle explodin’
Plug was the motive, he helped the undercovers decode it
Young and devoted, he still’ll cut the tongue off a rodent
Let’s get it (Uh-uh-uh)

This ain’t no laughin’ matter
We went up top and dropped that shit off, should’ve had his ladder
The mad hatter, [?]
Straighten his nappy ass hair out, give him a permin’ kit
This ain’t no laughin’ matter, we role with dirty clips
‘Cause when it’s up, we shakin’ shit up like it’s turbulence
Bro just blew trial and lost his case, shit ain’t no laughin’ matter
I’ll wipe that smile off of your face, this ain’t no laughin’ matter


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