Kodak Black - Back For Everything Album Lyrics

​​​​Omega Lyrics Kodak Black

Omega Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Omega Lyrics Kodak Black are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Kodak Black. This song is from Back For Everything album. This song will release on 25 February 2022.

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​​​​Omega Lyrics Kodak Black
​​​​Omega Lyrics Kodak Black

Song:– Omega

Singer:– Kodak Black

Album:– Back For Everything

Producer:– ATL Jacob

Written:– Max Perry, RBP, Mxller & Dyryk

Omega Lyrics Kodak Black

Got my education in prison
Got my education, like, from the trenches, from the—
From the block, I’m sayin’
Being involved and all that, yeah

I got my education in prison, but I can’t go to college
I run with all the older boys, but I don’t pay no homage
I can’t forget this shit I did, I hope it don’t come and haunt me
‘Cause if I die I’ll probably fry and I don’t wanna be no omelette
I see the reaper when I lay down, I’m sleepin’ when I’m walkin’
Nightmares be comin’ easy, sweet dreams don’t come too often
I remember, shit the other day
I remember I was talkin’ to my shawty, I say
“I don’t remember gettin’ your mama pregnant, but you came from my loins
I can’t even bring you to Chuck-E-Cheese, she be takin’ my coin”
She be puttin’ them people in my face, she say I don’t be supporting
I was masked up, runnin’ in Verizon and T-Mobile stores
‘Cause all of my homeboys were robbin’ and wanting me to join
Now I be thinkin’ ’bout catching bodies when I be gettin’ borin’
I was stealin’ cars and I ain’t know why when I got my own foreign
I be thuggin’ hard and I don’t know why when all of my niggas be goin’
If I was in the state, I might be straight, I woulda had at least supporting
But now I’m dead, I’m in the feds, then people got no remorse
The judge be givin’ me this look, but he don’t think I’m gorgeous
He gon’ try to hit me with the book, but he don’t know my story
Shit been gettin’ weird lately, I just play my part
Slidin’ in a demon with some demons, tryna catch a corpse
This ain’t a 550
In the middle of Valentine I had a different bitch here
I been tryna stop the Perkies, but it ain’t workin’
I don’t need nobody ridin’ with me
I was thinkin’ ’bout the hood, my mama say, “Don’t go there”
If it don’t go my way, this relationship ain’t goin’ nowhere
I be standin’ on the bitch, she say I’m too controllin’
I be standin’ on the bitch, she say I’m too controllin’
Standing on niggas, I be steppin’ on them
I ain’t comin’ home until they fix that AC
I been on the road breakin’ in vehicles lately
You got murder for hire? I need a job on the spot
Ayo, pass me a lighter, I’m tryna smoke me a opp
That’s a Rollie Sky-Dweller, a fly lil’ fella, you are
Follow up with Berettas, I send some shells through your car
I’m back in that mode, back on that business
I tell ’em go and crash at the show and book a ticket
I’ma be the one and they know, the one that’s killin’
I keep tryna look for a drop, to get ’em dropped
Better make it count on this mission, ’cause slippers count
So what you finna do if he slippin’? Get a mop

Fuck you thought? Know I’m sayin’
Fuck you mean, “What I’ma do when I see ’em”?

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