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Please Stay Song Lyrics

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Song:– Please Stay

Singer:– Lucy Dacus

Album:– Home Video

Producer:– Jake Finch, Collin Pastore, Jacob Blizard & Lucy Dacus

Written:– Lucy Dacus

Please Stay Lyrics Lucy Dacus

[Verse 1]
Your clothes in the dryer
Your hair on the shower wall
Your toothbrush is too much
Your shoes empty in the hall
Your keys on the counter
Your dirty dish in the sink
Please don’t make me see these things

[Verse 2]
The books on your shelf that you never read
The hunting knife you kept by your bed
The flowers you dried and tied up with twine
Suspended from the ceiling

You tell me you love me like it’ll be thе last time
Like you’re playing out thе end of a storyline
I say I love you too because it’s true
What else am I supposed to do?
Maybe bar the door when you move to leave

I think you mean what you say
When you say you wanna die
I think you mean what you say
When you say you want to stay alive

Quit your job
Cut your hair
Get a dog
Change your name
Change your mind
Change your ways
Give them time
Go back to school, go back to sleep
Tell the secret you can’t keep
Begin, be done
Break a vow, make a new one
Call me if you need a friend or never talk to me again

But please stay
But please stay
But please stay
But please stay

Video Of Please Stay Song

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