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Quarantine Freestyle Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Quarantine Freestyle Lyrics SL are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer SL. This song is from Different Dude album. This Song will release on 23 October 2020.

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​​​​Quarantine Freestyle Lyrics SL
​​​​Quarantine Freestyle Lyrics SL

Song:– Quarantine Freestyle

Singer:– SL

Album:– Different Dude

Producer:– SL

Written:– SL

Quarantine Freestyle Lyrics SL

Yeah, yeah, look

Cut out the man in the middle
I had a plan, had to slither and wiggle
She ate the top of the tip and it tickled
You know it’s S, when am I civil?
Suck it, suck it up a little
You know she done it, done it ’til she dribbled (Did it)
Smoke, Skittles, I tried to write it in words but I scribbled
I cannot think (No)
Fuck it, let’s show ’em a thing
If you want beef, I’ma give ’em a ring
Before I leave put the phone in the bin
Stop doing me, imitation’s a sin
Coppers on me, had to subtle the tints
Butter my bread and I bill up a splеgs
Turn on the kettle and lеt out some wind
Shout out gang, brilliant man (Brilliant)
Really put work on maps
When I do trap, awesome bang (Ten)
Or I might serve it back
Up in a flash, smoke me a am (Loud)
Then I go hurt that cat
Cops took bro, but he’s soon back (Facts)
‘Cah he love servin’ sash
Bro, bro mad, watch your batch (Watch it)
‘Cah he love hurtin’ stats
Naughty hat, boom then bang (Boom)
I be making her cervix snap (Snap)
Fuck them, they ain’t worth my shank (Nah)
But fuck her, she ain’t worth my plank (Nah)
Them man try come to the ends (Look, look)
Saw the mandem, so they’re turnin’ back (Yeah, look)
Everyone leave me alone
They’re chattin’ my name, but doin’ the most (The most)
When they see one of my bros
They’re clutchin’ their purse, or crossin’ the road (The road)
I’m ’bout to do it and go, why?
‘Cah I think I’m in the zone (I am)
I had them run on the road
Like, say I just threw them a bone (Threw it)
I told her up the work rate, and you can lower the tone (Work rate)
I thought it was my birthday, way she was takin’ control (Birthday)
Late night with a movie, she know she holdin’ dick
Sorry for the spoiler (Sorry)
I was a mad little Goonie
If we’re takin’ trips I’m teethin’ your oyster (I’ll take it)
Feds always wanna do me, like get on with it
You know I love to loiter
Case they find this tooly
I’ma wish I had a way better lawyer

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