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Red Lyte Lyrics yvngxchris & XLOVCLO

Red Lyte Song Lyrics

Description:- Red Lyte Lyrics yvngxchris & XLOVCLO are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer yvngxchris & XLOVCLO. This song is from Virality album. This song will release on 19 August 2022.

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Red Lyte Lyrics yvngxchris
Red Lyte Lyrics yvngxchris

Song:– Red Lyte

Singer:– yvngxchris & XLOVCLO

Album:– Virality

Producer:– Cxdy, ThankYouWill & Dylvinci

Written:– Xlovclo, ​yvngxchris, Cxdy, ThankYouWill & Dylvinci

Red Lyte Lyrics yvngxchris & XLOVCLO

[Intro: yvngxchris]
If you took out a gun, nigga, walk away from it
And the Glock finna take out his guts, I ain’t tuckin’ his tummy
Bitch, you not my twizzy, who told you we buddies?
I just caught that boy lackin’ and now my jit bloody
Gave her dick one time now she tell me she love me (Dylvinci got the code)

[Verse 1: yvngxchris]
He want the static, he not ’bout that action, I pull out the choppa, catch him at the red light
Bitch think he cappin’, I hit then I pass it
I fucked on his mama and now it’s his bedtime
I be your stepdad, you cannot flex that
Dick hard on the bed, yo’ mommy rep that
Rappin’ on niggas heads, that’s what I’m best at
Slide with the pole like I’m finna elect somebody
Your shawty on mе, nigga, don’t test my buddy
Heard that nigga lookin’ for me, told thе bitch, “Come find me”
And she suck me up, oh golly, probably
Hop out the cut, no mileage, shawty
Gave me the brain, no zombie
.223’s gon’ pierce his body
That Glock on me, push up, don’t try me
One Perc’ shot, itch like poison ivy
​yvngxchris answer when it come to features, I don’t want anything under eighteen
And I met a slut, bitch, I think her name Wakesha
She tryna find anything under my jeans
And I heard she got bop-bop
I just might let it rain on an opp block, bitch, I’m a G
Five on the shot clock, widow from D
And I see why them not-hots tryna be me

[Chorus: Xlovclo]
Everybody wants to be like me
And they sing, smokin’ on that green
Sippin’ on a drink, woah-oh
Still lookin’ for my John Doe
Do you got the time though?
I’m super fly, I know ho
Bitch, I need my bread pronto
I wanna be with you, I’m on my grind though
Baby, I’m a star, I’m meant to shine (Shine), ho

[Verse 2: yvngxchris]
Oh yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
She not tryna fuck, I’m kickin’ that bitch out
Glock in my hand, don’t make me pull that bitch out
And your lil’ bitch told me, “Pull that dick out”
He try to test me, got that nigga glicked out
I laugh to the bank, nigga, hahaha
If a nigga test me, it go, “Gra-da-da-da”
In the fuckin’ ‘Rari and I’m droppin’ the top
And I’m countin’ money while she suckin’ my cock
I got hella bitches so I’m fuckin’ a lot
I do not give a damn, I say, “Fuck it” a lot
And lil’ bitch, you a virgin
You just be cappin’ and shit, nigga, you don’t be fuckin’ no thots
Why these niggas on dick? Uh-huh
When I pull that bitch out, she gon’ give me that clit, uh-huh
And I’m givin’ them flint, uh-huh (Okay)
And I caught that boy lackin’, I slide with the Glock and I empty the clip, uh-huh
And I’m sorry lil’ bitch, I cannot keep you [?] if you not givin’ lip, uh-huh
And I’m shoppin’ at Saks, but that’s not the problem, bitch, I got a whole lotta cash
I’ma fuck on that bitch from the motherfuckin’ back ’cause that bitch got a whole lot of ass
I’ma hop in the goddamn SRT, got a whole lotta dash
Nigga, you is a lil’ bitch, I ate a nigga life with this stick
That Glock get a bite of your lip
Nigga, ain’t nobody comparin’ to Chris
Lean in my piss, I swear that these fuck niggas makin’ me sick
Like sick to my stomach, bitch, I need to shit
And they say, “Who is Chris?” Bitch, I be the shit
I’m way too cold, don’t preheat me bitch
You’re a goddamn thot, might delete bitch
I just might leave the bitch
Chris so goddamn tight, nigga, you gotta see this shit
Breathin’ it, pushin’ the motherfuckin’ Lamborghini, my keys in it
I got a Glock and another fuckin’ choppa, yeah, that shit really be beamin’ bitch
Made that boy fold like autumn (Oh, like TwinUzis?)
No, nigga, the season, bitch
I pulled the dick in, I pulled the dick out, I just might have to tease the bitch
Yeah, oh yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh yeah
Hit from the back, nigga, I said, “Oh yeah”
Catch the pussy, one hand, Odell
Lick on the pussy, I pray that it don’t smell
Bitch, I’m the shit but I think we can both tell

[Chorus: Xlovclo]
My bae a model, shaped like a bottle
Y.O.L.O., my model
I fuck a slut today while I’m waitin’ for tomorrow
Let’s kick at my condo
I shoot it and I score like Rondo (Splash), Rondo (Splash)
I’m super fly, I know ho
Bitch, I need my bread pronto
I wanna be with you, I’m on my grind though
Baby, I’m a star, I’m meant to shine (Shine), ho
Can I fuck you my— huh, high, ho
High, ho

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