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Ribbons (outro) Song Lyrics

Description:- Ribbons (outro) Lyrics Ricky Montgomery are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by ​Ricky Montgomery. This song is from Rick album. This song will release on September 29, 2023.

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Ribbons (outro) Ricky Montgomery
Ribbons (outro) Ricky Montgomery

Song:– Ribbons (outro)
Singer:– Ricky Montgomery
Album:– Rick
Producer:– Ricky Montgomery
Written:– Ricky Montgomery

Ribbons (outro) Lyrics Ricky Montgomery

[Interlude: Stephanie Church & Ricky Montgomery]
Closing… Anything you wanna say to the album before I stop recording? Any closing album thoughts?
Oh, well I-
First thing off the top of your head, three two one go!
Uh- Ribbons!
Ribbons are the first thing in my mind!
Okay talk about ribbons real quick
Well ribbons are- are beautiful
Ribbons tie things together with
Whether it’s hands being bound in the ceremony of (What?) togetherness
Whether it’s ribbons on, you know, on a little girl’s hair or whether it’s, you know
Ribbons tell us that- that we miss someone
Because, you know, we tie them around a tree or around a pole
So ribbons, ribbons havе always been like a big thing for me
Yeah, ribbons
Okay! Ribbons it is!
Thank you

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