Rome (Outro) Lyrics J. Maya

Rome (Outro) Lyrics J. Maya

Poetic License (2022 Album)

Description:Rome (Outro) Lyrics J. Maya are Provided in this article. The track is lead by J. Maya. This Track belongs to ​Poetic License album. It is released on December 2, 2022.

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Rome (Outro) Lyrics J. Maya
Rome (Outro) Lyrics J. Maya

Song:– Rome (Outro)

Singer:– J. Maya

Album:– Poetic License

Written:– J. Maya & Jake Crocker

Rome (Outro) Lyrics J. Maya

[Verse 1]
I can see it now
A shining horizon
Beyond the bow
I can feel it, how
A new age will begin
Though inside I’m still a kid

[Verse 2]
So when these voices loud
Say I would rather die
Than keep this body, make it mine
Remember to allow
Yourself some time to grow
You are more than what you know

When all I see’s a rubbled dawn
Or I must cross the Rubicon
When it feels like I can’t journey on
I’ll say

Rome wasn’t built in a day
Let the river wash away
The sins of the past
To build what can last, oh
I know you are afraid
Close your eyes
Say a prayer
And all the roads will take you there

All the roads lead back to Rome
To the place inside that you call home
A hero’s journey comes alone
All the roads, yeah
All the roads
(All the roads)
Hmm, hmm
(All the roads)
(All the roads)
(All the roads)

We are on our way
We are on our way
We are on our way
We are on our way

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