Rule of Two Lyrics Youngs Teflon ft. Dave

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Rule of Two Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​​Rule of Two Lyrics Youngs Teflon ft. Dave are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Youngs Teflon. This song is from Call of Duty 3 album. This Song will release on 27 November 2020.

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Rule of Two Lyrics Youngs Teflon
Rule of Two Lyrics Youngs Teflon

Song:– Rule of Two

Singer:– Youngs Teflon

Featuring:– Dave

Album:– Call of Duty 3

Written:– Youngs Teflon & Dave

Rule of Two Lyrics Youngs Teflon ft. Dave

[Verse 1: Dave]
Streatham Common, running from the one time
I can’t be late when its crunch time
Man talk about my life but I love mine
It’s better a punch line than a cunch line
You see, tryna find a shot thats a tough grind
You spot one by spot one on the front line
When the race gets tekky I’ve got to run mine
Thats the story on road and my love life
You’ve got the young g’s pressuring the older kids
You ever felt like somebody’s gotta go for this
Feds follow me and my associates
I gotta take a hard left, we’re the Soviets
I never waited for a bringing of the lottery
I wanted to make moves but its fucked cos the worker in me always seems to argue with the boss in me
Nobody made change sticking to the policy
Nobody’s speaking for the youth and it bothers me
They said I’d either do crime or be a rapper I’d manage to do both so I’m a self fulfilling prophecy
I’d told bae or Penelope of my odyssey
Rolex, daytona with the white face
Man trapping get a duty soliciter then wonder how they end up getting birded for a light case
There’s a lot of niggas fitting in a tight space
It’s Jimmy Conway not Jimmy Fallon
I seen man peak young like Lily Allen
We had to do it then act like it didn’t happen
Nowadays its pics or it didn’t happen
South London’s the home of the trigger action
Long shanks I’m a brave heart
I think therefore I am it’s like they cart
Then war something its gotta burn like napalm
Youngs Teff gave me the call of duty
But I couldn’t picture times like this when I would rock a fake Jacob and save up for Forreduci
People wanna use me don’t wanna lose me
Different place
Girls say I’m a different person any given day
How you talking on my name with that little wage
They threw shade on my borough before the insta page
It’s got me fighting myself
Half my guys in the cell they denied any bail
It was time for a ridin’ I was riding as well
I’m Lord Petyr Baelish I’ve got knights in the Vale

[Verse 2: Youngs Tefflon]
Im outside where its deadly, and I ain’t singing medlys
Top floor views tryna figure where my head be
Supreme box logo
And I ain’t at the marches but this ain’t my first rodeo
Better than your favourite rappers now when I used to spend my profit on polo
Before the ‘rona came it was high key on the low low
Box cutters for the packages that coming through the door
Send a memo to the tugs, is you coming to the war?
Cah the weapon we select never left the shelf
The feds can’t protect us so we protect ourselves
Why I’m rapping bout pain they ain’t never felt
It’s trapping early in the morning with Vanessa Phelps
My brothers do lunch in Amari Denim
While I’m waking up from dreams seeing fairies in them
You said I ain’t top 5, had a big laugh
And rappin the only way I ain’t had six paths
Having visions of the future seeing ? machines
And now we in the future we got ? machines
When I was making classics they was watching beans
Had the submarine now I ain’t ever seen a submarine
Used to dream of big houses with a swimming pool
MJ and Scarface posters in the living room
But we got to teach the kids about the principles
Hoody, gloves and mask like Victor Dune
Love the handle on the ? cos it grip rubber
But never touched another man because of skin colour
How we treat these women bad and they still love us
Got to do better so they can heal for us
And every other day she tells me I’m so talented
But my life’s outside I gotta balance it
Getting money now I hardly check my balances
And shoutout to my manager because he managing
Late night say a prayer while the candle lit
But this Balenciaga Paris made me arrogant
She came round wrapped up like she Arabic
Might seduce her to some Usher, can you handle it?
My juvy still a teen wanna cop a range
We ain’t never own a thing I say this not the way
Local opps tryna drill me from a block away
Saw it before it happened felt like Doctor Strange
And right now I’m holding business with Santan
And I ain’t talking bout loans or a bank scam
I’ll gobble up a contract like I’m Pac-Man
Something like track and field how the cash ran
Used to break down squares playing xbox
My last verse probably paid for my next watch
Cos the rap game remind me of the crack game
I walk into a cypher like it’s a pet shop

[Verse 3: Dave and *Youngs Tefflon*]
My niggas in a sin bin he got sent off
And went off for the team thats the end of
Rain, hail, sleet for a ten shot
Einstein we were working for a dead prof
I got both cos I’m indecisive
But I been around teeth like I’m gingivitis
*They going to remember trilly like they did the titans
Running through the bramble like that nigga Titus
And we ain’t washed up but we clean good
With four sticks we kept the mase like green wood*
I know the man are asking but the team good
My niggas ballers offer drugs they didn’t need ?
*And we good you know the guns and the butter
But I ain’t want much I give the funds to my mother
True to the o for if I’m a bring it to my grave
We in a different grade, this is Jimmy and Dave*

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