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Same Shit (Interlude) Song Lyrics

Description:- Same Shit (Interlude) Lyrics Ricky Montgomery are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by ​Ricky Montgomery. This song is from Rick(y) album. This song will release on May 10, 2024.

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Same Shit (Interlude) Ricky Montgomery
Same Shit (Interlude) Ricky Montgomery

Song:– Same Shit (Interlude)
Singer:– Ricky Montgomery
Album:– Rick(y)
Producer:– Steve Rusch & Ricky Montgomery
Written:– Ricky Montgomery
Label:– Warner Records

Same Shit (Interlude) Lyrics Ricky Montgomery

(Good morning, Ricky
It’s the dream we have as parents:
The kids can use their tablet for an hour or so
Then they’ll spend the rest of their day
Oh, climbing trees and playing with friends
But then reality hits, it’s only lunchtime
They’ve been on the device for five hours
And you’re yelling at them again to quiet down)
Purple Lights
All day

It’s the same shit
Different generation
You put the iPad in his hands
Now you’re mad at him
For being an influencer
For building a campfire for himsеlf
From the ground you gave him
It’s the samе shit
Different generation
You put the Gameboy in my hands
Even got me the advance
Oh no
Maybe I found something
To be happy for myself with

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