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Savannah Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Savannah Lyrics Joe Bonamassa are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Joe Bonamassa. This song is from Royal Tea album. This Song will release on 23 October 2020.

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​​​​Savannah Lyrics Joe Bonamassa
​​​​Savannah Lyrics Joe Bonamassa

Song:– Savannah

Singer:– Joe Bonamassa

Album:– Royal Tea

Producer:– J&R Adventures

Written:– Joe Bonamassa

Savannah Lyrics Joe Bonamassa

Oh, Savannah
Lay my burden down
Spent my life in the same old rust town
Oh, Savannah
Time is moving fast
Living life in the land of the long grass

I’m a man who knows
Which way the river flows
I’m a man of means
But nothing will set me free
Nothing will set me free

Oh, Savannah
Oh, Savannah
You’re more than home to me

Oh, Savannah
Pick up your heart and run
I’ve raised some Cain and I sure did have my fun
Oh, Savannah
Down on wounded knee
When it all comes down it’s always you and me

When I found my pride
For digging deep inside
I bared my soul
But this is the way to go
This is the way to grow

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Oh, Savannah
Oh, Savannah
Life on the long road

Oh, Savannah
It’s good to be the king
You broke me down but again I’m rising
Oh, Savannah
Now that it’s all begun
I took the money but forgot to run

When I was running wild
At least I did in style
When I sang my song
I knew this day would come
I knew it all along

Oh, Savannah
Oh, Savannah
Oh, Savannah
Oh, Savannah
You’re more than home to me

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