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Sleep Walking Part 2 Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​​Sleep Walking Part 2 Lyrics Baby Smoove ft. CosaNostra Kidd are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Baby Smoove. This song is from Hardwood Classic album. This Song will release on 3 December 2020.

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Sleep Walking Part 2 Lyrics Baby Smoove
Sleep Walking Part 2 Lyrics Baby Smoove

Song:– Sleep Walking Part 2

Singer:– Baby Smoove

Producer:– CosaNostra Kidd

Album:– Hardwood Classic

Producer:– Rocaine

Written:– Baby Smoove & CosaNostra Kidd

Sleep Walking Part 2 Lyrics Baby Smoove ft. CosaNostra Kidd

[Verse 1: Baby Smoove]
Y’all lil niggas ain’t got no money you went in on a 35
Who in the fuck do y’all be killin’ ’cause y’all niggas keep on dying
Lil nigga think he got some drip he ain’t never even been to Revive
Jokes up you niggas be lyin’
Headshot had his OG cryin’
Nigga my cat so fast every time I hit that gas that bitch gon’ slide
Nigga my cup so dirty with every sip I’m gettin’ high
Nigga I ain’t ever had to write no song but you do ’cause you lyin’
We at ya dome now stop lyin’
We at ya dome now boy, surprise!

[Verse 2: Cosanostra Kidd]
Smoove gon’ pass me my jersey it’s a new member of the Franchise
Took off the cap and put dat bitch back ’cause these young niggas be lyin’
In Beverly Hills at the ATM, it just spit me out like a five
I am the shit, ain’t even dropped a hit, why am I being followed by flies?
We pull up and roll down the windows with glizzies, them niggas lookin’ surprised
Pour up a four that’s a lava lamp
Lil nigga you just drop up a line
I’m kickin’ my feet up, smokin’ your re-up everyday just gettin high
We ballin like NBA Jam
Me, [?], Smoove the new NBA Live

[Verse 3: Baby Smoove]
[?] sippin’ on Wock, you sippin’ on par
SRT my car it go vroom vroom when it start
We ain’t even gotta go far, you can jus give me head in my car
I don’t even play them games, this a FN, yu won’t get far
You know we rep that basketball
Yo chain SI it don’t dance at all
You know they don’t need no money, they do it off love, they’ll come and kill all of y’all
I could have like four hundred pints of Wock, won’t sell none at all
Nigga I’m so high walkin’ on my marble I might slip and fall

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[Verse 4: Cosanostra Kidd & Baby Smoove]
Two new doctors in Michigan you know we gotta max ’em out
Sick pieces in my Louis pouch you know I’m finna cash ’em out
Old ass nigga still broke as hell, your age I got the cash amount
Nigga said he had some beef with us and died tryna chase some clout
Real prince in my hood like [?] in the O, lil nigga I’m good
I know your blunts ain’t this big, cough too much when you hit my wood
No, we don’t want features ’cause you cappin’ in your hooks
No, I cannot teach you how to scam go read a book

[Outro: Baby Smoove]
Yeah that boy back
Come say sum real quick
Yeah this how we coming and we got keep it goin’ like that
Fuck is you talking ’bout

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