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Straight In Freestyle Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​​Straight In Freestyle Lyrics Lil Loaded are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Lil Loaded. This song is from CRIPTAPE album. This Song will release on 11 December 2020.

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Straight In Freestyle Lyrics Lil Loaded
Straight In Freestyle Lyrics Lil Loaded

Song:– Straight In Freestyle

Singer:– Lil Loaded


Producer:– SMKEXCLSV & Beatzvader

Written:– Lil Loaded

Straight In Freestyle Lyrics Lil Loaded

Gang, gang, gang
Do you want smoke?
Yuh (Loaded done did it again)
Yuh (Loaded done did it again)
Yuh (Loaded done did it again)
We want all the smoke

Aye, Loaded why you flexin’? (What?)
I’m livin’ in the moment nigga
Smokin’ hella gas
It will [?] me hella [?] nigga (What?)
Sippin’ hella ackey (What?)
I’m pourin’ hella potion nigga
X’s got me trippin’
So watch how you approach me nigga (Brrr, bow)
Let this nigga touch me (What?)
His life gon’ be so over nigga (Shit)
I ain’t cut his yard, but I’m in a fuck with a blow a nigga (A bitch)
Even when I was small, my family knew I was goated nigga (I’m that now)
Broke down on the block, and I still knew I was chosen nigga (Bitch)
Gave my dawg my words, so fuck it, it ain’t no foldin’ nigga
Instead of stackin’ up, they thought that I was pringles
That nigga gang bangin’, watch how he twist his fingers
Hе dropped the wrong thing, I’ma up it ain’t no speakin’ (Lil bitch)
Hit еm’ with the Blicky, I’ma spark it ain’t no reachin’
Whole gang gettin’ guap, we all up, ain’t no leechin’
If my dawg fall off, grab a plate we all eatin’ (We all eatin’)
If my dawg down bad, I toss my boy a brick
I knew we finna’ a go to war, so I threw my boy a stick
Big ass Drac’ with a drum for a clip
I send him in [?] hangin’ off a nigga hip (What?)
Baggy ass pants and I’m walking with a limp
If I see a opp walkin’, I’ma pop him then dip (Rrrrah)
Slangin’ Drac’s broad day, if a nigga playin’ still (Bitch)
You ain’t steppin’ like you say, boy that ain’t how you built (Cap)
Nigga, talkin’ out yo’ neck, still a get a nigga killed (What?)
I got some rellies bangin’ Blood, they know I’m bangin’ Crip
Twist yo’ fingers in my face, guaranteed he get a clip
Got a Glocky 23, with a customized grip
That automatic 223, hit that nigga in the clit
So Loaded what you bangin’? Nigga what you sayin’? (Bitch)
Fuck nigga I ain’t playin’, hit that nigga in his head (Go get him)
Theses diamonds on me dancin’, they been knew I was banded
Lil Loaded was a bandit, found a beat and then I ran it (Go get it)
Rap wasn’t the plan, but I been knew I was destined
They waitin’ on my song like they got a Loaded fetish (What?)
Street nigga Al Capone, I might learn to speak some Spanish
Work smarter, not harder learned that shit from my granny
Best lesson from my brother, grab that Blicky, boy don’t panic (Don’t panic)
I been eatin’ on these beasts, like I ran out of candy (What?)
Got the Glocky and the Gucci, tomorrow its the [?]
I’m fresh to death nigga, bitches say I’m lookin’ minty (Fresh)
I’ma give this shit my all, I put that shit on [?]
I’ma see a hunnid million, give have of it to [?]
Take the other fifty flip it, invest it for my children
Use the rest that’s left over, find some cure for some sickness
If a fuck nigga hatin’, I’m too real, you can’t mix it
Right, you pressin’ on my post, but when I kill em’, say I’m trippin’
On the gang, I’ma right smack her, in the streets talk, listen
Ballin’ hard in the paint, bad boys we the Pistons (Pistons)

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