SUPER SUCK Lyrics JOEY TRAP ft. KxllSwxtch

SUPER SUCK Song Lyrics

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Singer:– JOEY TRAP

Featuring:– KxllSwxtch

Written:– JOEY TRAP & KxllSwxtch

Producer:– JOEY TRAP

Label:– Young Rich Squad & PIVTL Projects

SUPER SUCK Lyrics JOEY TRAP ft. KxllSwxtch

[Intro: Joey Trap]
Hello? Uh-huh
(Where’s my super-) Woah, yeah

[Verse 1: Joey Trap]
Yo’ bitch fuck in my bed, she give super suck
Red blue truck (Yeah), fuck the feds if you out of luck
As you see, mm, that’s my seed, mm, you my sons
No fighting, mm, there’s no need, mm, we with guns
Get my pack, broke her back
That shit wet, I might smack
Rockin’ Margelias, my gun on attack
I didn’t fuck her ’cause her pussy wack, woah
Nigga, it must be, her pussy musty
Boy, I’m disgusting, woah, woah
Quit all that fussing, boy, I be cussing
Choppa be bussing, uh, yo’
I do not fuck with none of you niggas ’cause you be broke as fuck, yeah
I cannot fuck her unless she gon’ give me some of that super suck
I rock with my cock out ’cause my Glock, it got a pole, yeah
Stop all that talkin’, boy, you really don’t want smoke, uhm
Watch how the copy me, the choppa hit his nose, uh
I’m finna choke her ’cause her Cuban choker gold, look
B-A-P-E, I rock Bape
Where yo’ bitch be and yo’ shit be
F-A-K-E, so I don’t fuck with you, B, uh
I-I-I smoke on trees, uh
While I count on Benji’s, okay, yes sir
Stripe, no refferee, uh
She give big suck, messy, okay, yes sir
Key to my block ’cause the tape with no scissors
I’m counting Benji’s, I made twenty figures
Give super suck or I’m fucking your sister
Make her feet bleed, if I don’t, it get blisters
Spray at his head like: “Faa-faa”
Bitch, I laugh to the bank like: “Ha-ha,” uh-huh
I’m in the cut, smoke Ganja
I need super suck, like na-na, uh-huh

[Chorus: Joey Trap]
Where is my super suck?
I need to scoop her up
I know I fuck with you, but I might shoot you up
I’m getting angry, I guess that makes two of us
If you ain’t suckin’ then you finna catch a bust

[Verse 2: Joey Trap]
(Woah) Okay (Okay), okay (Okay), okay (Okay), uh-huh (Okay)
Okay (Okay), okay (Okay), okay (Okay), okay (Okay)
I do not (I do not) talk to no niggas unless they been, uh, uh, talkin’ ’bout bands
I do not, uh, uh, fuck with no bitches that not gon’ act like they be my fans
Okay, mm
Bitch, when you hear my music, you best bop your head
Okay, mm
How you gon’ not give suck? Well, bitch, this not your bed
When you gon’ dum-dum top me, bitch, just don’t use hands

[Chorus: Joey Trap]
Where is my super suck?
I need to scoop her up
I know I fuck with you, but I might shoot you up
I’m getting angry, I guess that makes two of us
If you ain’t suckin’ then you finna catch a bust

[Bridge: Joey Trap & KxllSwxtch]
Or you finna catch a bust, I’m finna kick you out
I don’t take Ubers, bitch
Stupid ho’
Ahaha (Yeah, uh)

[Verse 3: KxllSwxtch]
I [?] the pussy, like Chia Pet, uh
Said he want beef [?], uh
She super sucked me, I needed that, uh
Chris Brown the pussy, like [?]
Said he got smoke, like where-where-where it at?
Give a bitch a bone, like knick-knack paddywhack
Ski masked up at your crib, can’t double back
Yes, I’m strapped, like a bitch with a fanny pack
I keep a Glock with a dick in my underpants
Shoot at his feet, make him dance, do the running man
I do not fuck with you, what the fuck don’t you understand
Box cutter on me, feel like I might cut a man
You rappers pussy, got ovaries, uh
I fucked my ex, she not over me, uh
Dick in her gut, she be yodeling, uh
I beat his ass if I’m low on some dopamine
Split personalities, don’t fuck with both of me
Bare fists to his face if he told on me
Japanese bitches what I fuck when I’m overseas
Tell her sit on my dick, like a toilet seat

[Outr: Joey Trap]
I tote big drums sticks, with the collard greens
Better get yourself [?]
Big chop cross your neck, like a [?]
Bitch don’t give suck…

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