Supplier Flow Lyrics LBS Kee’vin | 2021 Song

Supplier Flow Lyrics LBS Kee’vin

Supplier Flow Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​Supplier Flow Lyrics LBS Kee’vin are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer LBS Kee’vin. This Song will release on 28 May 2021.

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Supplier Flow Lyrics LBS Kee’vin
Supplier Flow Lyrics LBS Kee’vin

Song:– Supplier Flow

Singer:– LBS Kee’vin

Producer:– Doc Playboi, Elite Beats & That boy Jimmy

Written:– LBS Kee’vin

Supplier Flow Lyrics LBS Kee’vin

I ain’t savin’ that shit, I’ma spend it (Elite made that beat)
And then make it back off a couple of plays
They callin’ ’em there in a minute
This ho got exited from seein’ my chain, I told her, “It’s just the beginning” (Just the beginning)
They don’t come around when I lose, they clappin’ and cheerin’ whenever I’m winnin’ (Run it up Playboi)
I scheduled a meeting with God to ask him if he would forgive me for sinnin’ (‘Give me for sinnin’)
I still go to sleep with a rod, if he make a move, then he sleep with the fishes (Sleep with the fishеs)
I’m really breakin’ the law whilе I been gettin’ money and duckin’ the sentence (Duckin’ the sentence)
I did this shit on my own, I get up and get it, don’t need no assistance (Need no assistance)
I was fuckin’ on bitches in Michigan, they askin’ me if I play for the Pistons
I been croppin’ they ass out the picture, don’t fuck with these niggas, I’m keepin’ my distance
I don’t listen to none of the critics, you gotta have money to get my attention
I’m rapidly movin’ them pounds, the price up and down, I feel like I’m benchin’
Mama told me to reach for the stars, so I put the stars on the roof of the cars
I was broke and I wanted to ball, I was selling the star on The Wizard of Oz
I’m spendin’ this shit, if she loyal, I spoil the bitch if she down for the cause
She know I’m a shark in that water, we get to the crib, and I get in her jaws
My circle small, I’m not approachable, I only fuck with a couple of niggas
If I got a problem, I go out of town, when I land, I’ma Cash App a couple of killas
I’m good with the bitches, if my mama left me at home, I would try to fuck the babysitter
Yeah, I’m taxin’, if a nigga try to come back after shoppin’ with another dealer man
In the middle, that what I used to be, yeah, now I call all the shots, yeah
Niggas ain’t foolin’ me, yeah, I really came from the block, yeah
Look at my jewelry, but a nigga better not touch
I ain’t met one ho in my life that I can’t double back right now and fuck
I keep at least fifteen in the clip and one in the head, don’t try your luck
Always wear shit that I can’t pronounce, but I know for a fact these Dior chucks
I’m still in the streets and I got a deal, but I need that check, ain’t get enough
Ain’t workin’ no job, been employed by the trap, I got off my ass and ran it up
I’m up but ain’t savin’ no hoes
I keep a tool like a manager workin’ for Lowe’s
She grimy then she get exposed
I’m cuttin’ ’em off if they failin’ to stick to the code
I’m doin’ this shit all for the bros
They comin’ with me, I’m protected at all of my shows
She fuckin’ to get in the door
Ignorin’ the bitch, ’cause lately, I’ve been in my mode

Let me hear that?
Nah, nah, fuck it, just- shit, let the beat play out, shit

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