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Talk About It Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Talk About It Lyrics Keedron Bryant are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Keedron Bryant. This song is from I JUST WANNA LIVE album. This Song will release on 11 September 2020.

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Talk About It Lyrics Keedron Bryant
Talk About It Lyrics Keedron Bryant

Song:– Talk About It

Singer:– Keedron Bryant


Written:– Keedron Bryant

Talk About It Lyrics Keedron Bryant

[Verse 1]
Our true history
What’s the truth to me?
May not be for everybody (No, no)
People in the streets

Let’s get out and tell somebody (Talk about)
What’s goin’ on (Let’s talk about it)
In the world today (Talk about)
What we focused on? (Let’s talk about it)

[Verse 2]
Love and unity
It’s more for you than me
It’s made to share with everybody (No, no)
Tell me why can’t we?
‘Cause you know that I believe
This world has room for everybody
Ayy, ayy, yeah

Come on down (Talk about)
Hear me now (Let’s talk about it)
It’s up to you and I to (Talk about it)
Open up and let love find you (Let’s talk about it)

[Verse 3]
If we do this right
Then we could live in paradise (We could live in paradise)
Something good inside, if you just open up your eyes
We can all benefit (We can all benefit)
Somethin’ so Heaven sent (Somethin’ so Heaven sent)
Somethin’ so beautiful (Somethin’ so beautiful)
Yeah, ayy
Accept the conversation (Light that fire)
Every generation (Light that fire)
We need some education (Light that fire)
Help, we need some elevation (Light that fire)
Blow the horn now (Light that fire)
Why you mad? Throw your ego out (Throw your ego out)
Come and see what we about (We about)
Ayy, yeah, yeah-yeah

We got somethin’ to (Talk about)
Don’t be shy let’s (Let’s talk about it)
We can’t afford not to (Talk about)
Don’t be silent (Let’s talk about it)
I think it’s ’bout time to (Talk about)
No need to be quiet let’s (Let’s talk about it)
Me and you we should (Talk about)
Even if it hurts (Let’s talk about it)

Talk about
Let’s talk about it
Talk about
Let’s talk about it

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