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The White Sin Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​The White Sin Lyrics Mesus are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Mesus. This song is from Eracism album. This Song will release on 1 September 2020.

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Song:– The White Sin

Singer:– Mesus

Album:– Eracism

Written:– Mesus

The White Sin Lyrics Mesus

I’m sorry George Floyd got killed, I kneel But I don’t feel white guilt, that’s real Had guns in my face a bunch, by cops Had my face slammed off my trunk, by cops Piece of shit come in every race, that’s facts Some working for the fucking state, and wear a badge Doesn’t matter where you come from, black hoods Yo this shit affecting everyone, backwoods I’m not sorry I was born white you act like it was my choice You act like it was my knee that suffocated George Floyd You act like I don’t give a shit, you act like I did the shit You act like I think that all black folks are ignorant But I refuse to be labeled as the same across the table Baby red been shedding all the way to Cain and Abel I ain’t Karen in the park, and I ain’t Derek Chauvin I ain’t nothing like those motherfuckers Skin’s the only thing we have in common On my phone watching George dying Swear to God if was there I would’ve rushed the cops or died trying And I ain’t saying it’s the fault of the people there that didn’t I’m just saying I ain’t sitting back white or black, fuck pigment Victim is a victim and so you don’t get me wrong The only ones that’s in the wrong had the badges and pistols on Along that same thought process, if I’m being honest Why I’m supposed to feel guilty for shit that I ain’t involved with? I ain’t never been to Klan rallies, neither has my granddaddy Ex girl is black, almost had a black granddaddy And when I get a tan, I look mucho Mexican Think I never been through problemas, better guess again I guess we back to guests again cause of this mess we in Even though I never been one to hate because of skin Fuck it, paint us all with the same brush Don’t blame the bad apples, blame the whole bunch I feel like Sonny this ruined my whole lunch Sick to my stomach, God I don’t know who to trust One channel says this, one channel says that One says he ain’t resist, one says he fought back Yo I thought that, what if we had rolls reversed And I was in a hearse I wonder how many cities would’ve burned? When will we learn, God I know You’re coming To take us home to that paradise that don’t see color Just my Brother, just my Sister, just my Family Just one nation under God, just Humanity It’s God planet man we need to get our shit together Cause God planned for people to live free in peace together, forever So Rest In Peace George Floyd you deserve justice Along with everyone who died from racist motherfuckers And cause of that you best believe I’ll take a knee to show respect But if you’re waiting on apologies from me Don’t hold your breath… I’m not guilty No, I’m not guilty

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