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Today Lyrics

Description:- Today Lyrics Q are Provided in this article. The track is lead by Q. It is released on November 4, 2022.

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Today Lyrics Q
Today Lyrics Q

Song:– Today

Singer:– Q

Producer:– Q

Written:– Q & Steven “Lenky” Marsden

Today Lyrics Q

[Verse 1]
Ooh, some days, the pain still stays
Makes you feel helplessness
Time again away from friends
Isolation settles in
Someday, we’ll be good, I pray
But how far away is someday?

[Verse 2]
Some days, I make mistakes
Countless talking about myself
Time again, I stay away
Much confusion settles in, oh
Some days, I fall
But I will press towards the future one day

It gets hard for me to breathe
In a world where I cannot see
What is wrong with me
Lord, help me

[Verse 3]
Some days, I make the same mistakes
It gets complicatеd quickly
When it starts to feel in vain
Then I just go to my vices, that makеs me aware
Of everything that makes me numb
And I just hold it in my chest
But will I ever get a time when I’ll be alright to be all by myself?
Oh, oh, my
Some days, I let it be
But I’m underneath my sheets crying out
Out, yeah, crying

Constant pressure
But I press on for the future some day
Oh, constant anger
But I press on for the future one day
Oh, oh, constant anxious
But I press on for the future one day
And I pray that day will come today

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