Underground Kingz Lyrics MIKE

Underground KingzSong Lyrics

Description:- Underground Kingz Lyrics MIKE are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by ​MIKE. This song will release on March 4, 2024.

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Underground Kingz Lyrics MIKE
Underground Kingz Lyrics MIKE

Song:– Underground Kingz
Singer:– MIKE
Producer:– Tony Seltzer
Written:– MIKE

Underground Kingz Lyrics MIKE

[Part 1]

We’re living in a world…
A fantasy…

[Part 2]

Why you always by the rim, but you not scoring?
I got thunder in the spliff, sound like God snorin’
We gon’ take off in a bit, but you not boardin’
I paint pictures when I spit, but I’m not [?]
All that hating on the kid, how you block fortune?
Teach you how to take a trip, make a guap [?]
You kept saying you was rich, now you got shortage
Or showing paper in the vids for the opps surely
I swear, everything he did, or he drop bore me
I’m at the studi’ making hits, take a shot for me
A lil’ [?] in this trench make the spot gory
I used to think and try to fix it, ’till it got corny
You know this game will get malicious, and I got story
I’m in the strip club with my sister, tryna shop shorty
Michael Jordan ain’t no pick up, I’ma drop forty
And molly might be in my system, I ain’t [?]
I’m only lying to them pigs if I’m on jury
Shorty thought she saved the kid; she did not cure me
I know how to take a hit, but I’m not Fury
You ain’t gang when it was serious, you got scary
Ayy, scurred, you ain’t really ’bout the business, you was in turn

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