Valentines Day Lyrics BlueBucksClan

Valentines Day Lyrics BlueBucksClan

Valentines Day Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Valentines Day Lyrics BlueBucksClan are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer BlueBucksClan. This song will release on 11 February 2022.

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Valentines Day Lyrics BlueBucksClan
Valentines Day Lyrics BlueBucksClan

Song:– Valentines Day

Singer:– BlueBucksClan

Producer:– Ten11 & Baby E

Written:– BlueBucksClan

Valentines Day Lyrics BlueBucksClan

(Baby E made this beat)

[Verse 1: DJ]
Valentine’s Day, my bitch mad I ain’t text her (I ain’t text her)
Finna turn this cream to a Dr. Pepper (To a Dr. Pepper)
Lady in Celine always saying I’m being extra (Yeah, you extra)
I got bad hoes laying around my house like a shelter (Like a shelter)
I like bitches that like fucking bitches, yeah this shit better (Yeah, this better)

[Verse 2: Jeeezy]
I like bitches, so I get they nails done and they lashes (And they lashes)
YSL, Celine, Prada, and Dior, she can grab it (She can grab it)
These some thousand dollar jeans for the texture (For the texture)
Yeah, I finally hit his bitch, she got me mad, nothing special (Nothing special)
With these hoes, I get to pick like interceptions (Yeah)
Bitches begging me to fuck ’em, I ain’t even showin’ effort (Showin’ effort)
Gucci scarf wrapped around my head like I’m a terrorist (I’m a terrorist)
My bitch said we need to talk, I told her, “I ain’t trying to hear it”(I ain’t trying to hear it)
She a bitch I’m fucking on, but she a bitch you really cherish (You really cherish)
Fake Rollies, fake Cubans, why the fuck you even wear it? (You even wear it)

[Verse 3: DJ]
Hit a button, curtains moving, why the fuck is niggas staring?(Niggas starring)
Flick me up, fade booming, where the fuck is all the cameras? (All the camers)
Don’t even start, you be doomed, in the club with all these hammers (All these hammers)
Only niggas in this room throwing money on the dancers (Throwing money on the dancers)

[Verse 4: Jeeezy]
Going Kanye crazy, nigga, you ain’t got the answers (You ain’t got the answers)
Yeah, it’s late but I just keep on bringing bitches to the mansion (Bitches to the mansion)
Had to block a couple bitches, I ain’t dealing with y’all answers (Dealing with y’all answers)
How the fuck she hear me on your story? I don’t understand it (What the fuck?)
I went ghost on Valentine’s, I ain’t romantic (I ain’t romantic)
I get fly as fuck and fuck on niggas bitches, it’s a habit (It’s a habit)
I hopped off a flight in Dallas, got ’em thinkin’ I’m a Maverick (Yeah)
Model bitches storming in, it’s looking like a beauty pageant (Beauty pageant)

[Verse 5: DJ]
Almost had to slap a bitch, there’s makeup on my Louis jacket (On my Louis jacket)
I just landed in Orlando, lady asked, “Is you a Magic?” (Is you a Magic?)
I just woke up bitches all around me, asking ’em, “What happened?” (What happened?)
Must been a movie, I got all this glitter on my mattress (Glitter on my mattress)
Don’t put it past your bitch, nigga, ’cause I could have it (‘Cause I could have it)

[Verse 6: Jeeezy & DJ]
Stop staring at my wrist, niggas dying if they grab it (Dying)
I see a group of bad, thick bitches, I’ma attack it (I’m on mode)
If I see a bad group of bitches, I got options (I got options)
Valentine’s Day, leave your nigga, let’s go shopping (Yeah, let’s go)
That nigga dead wrong, he only got you chocolate (He dead wrong)
That’s your lil’ boyfriend? He outta pocket (He outta pocket)
Lemme Cartier your wrist, girl, you fucking with the hottest (With the hottest)
I’ma make it worth it ’cause I know I’m kinda toxic (Kinda toxic)
I’m on Twitter, how is all these weak bitches getting flowers?
When I go shopping, it feel different, I been in here for an hour (Been in here for an hour)
December 21st in Fendi, I think I got my superpowers (I think I got my superpowers)

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