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What If Lyrics Meechy Darko

What If Song Lyrics

Description:- What If Lyrics Meechy Darko are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Meechy Darko. This Track belongs to Gothic Luxury album. It is released on August 26, 2022.

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What If Lyrics Meechy Darko
What If Lyrics Meechy Darko

Song:– What If

Singer:– Meechy Darko

Album:– Gothic Luxury

Producer:– Tyler Dopps & Sam Wish

Written:– Andrew Joslyn, Meechy Darko, Sam Wish & Tyler Dopps

What If Lyrics Meechy Darko

What if you couldn’t tell a lie when you looked in her eyes?
What if she was really fine when she said “I’m fine”?
What if we would have rushed inside that [?] with [?]?
What if our ancestors [?]?
What if Yams never died?
What if Kells ain’t really do it and it’s all CGI?
What if this shit is all a lie and it’s all in your mind?
What if you had to lose a sense? Shit, I’d probably choose blind
What if I didn’t scream “Open Your Minds” in 2009?
What if I never ever talked about the dark in the light?
What if we got it all backwards and the devil’s really right?
What if when niggas claimеd to be the king of NY that they was rеally thе king of NY?
What if niggas didn’t steal and act like they did it first?
What if they was more worried bout words than fashion and furs?
That flashy rapping with no substance is just sad and absurd
What if I really got all the fucking respect I deserve?
What if I linked up with X? He hit me up and expressed
Said I influence his mind, told me that I did it best
We talked about balance and challenges living beyond flesh
And things that shall not be said, ’til then it’s God Bless the Dead
What if Vick was a patriot? What if Chance was an atheist?
What if ‘Bron would just shut up and dribble instead of sayin’ shit? Woah
What if the sniper missed the shot that hit Kennedy’s dome?
What if Tunechi never double cupped the styrofoam?
What if the Mamba ain’t decide to hop in that chopper?
What if the police ain’t put bullets in my papa?
What if the law of attraction was instant?
What if the law changed, and you got a day for a pistol? Huh
What if Meg shot Tory? What if Tina beat Ike?
What if Deebo ain’t had that “squeak-squeak” on his bike?
You wouldn’t know when he was comin’, when to tuck in your ice
What if they really gave a fuck about your rights? Yeah, aight
What if the light at the end of the tunnel, you see when you die
Is you comin’ out your mom’s vagina in your second life?
What if ghosts was real? Every nigga killed in the projects
Would probably haunt the hallway or the lobby
Let’s be honest
What if Edgar J Hoover paid to dismantle the Panthers?
What if Pac had braids? What if police wore bandanas?
What if 50 Cent beat Kanye in ’07?
Shit, we’d probably still be wearin’ baggy ass denim
What if you could bring back somebody that you love that passed away for a day?
But you’d lose a year of your life, is that an even trade?
What if Jesus really came back and tried to save the day?
They’d probably call him schizophrenic and lock that nigga away
What if freedom is just an illusion?
What if I ain’t write this song? What if you didn’t listen?

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